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Little Miss Forgetful

Posted: 03/31/2010 in Navel gazing
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I forgot my iPhone today. It was a bleak and lonely day without my little companion. No getting lost in the music as I walked. No tweeting, FaceBooking, or 4 Squaring.  No Words With Friends whilst I waited for the kettle to boil in the kitchen. No taking photos. It was a very one dimensional day. Things would happen and my first thought would be to tweet, and then I’d remember.  It was nothing life shattering just the regular day-to-day of seeing a weird environmental installation on Broadway, having my first (and last) iced almond milk latte and wanting to connect to others who are excited that Fringe is back tomorrow with an entire episode dealing with the “Peter” situation!

I felt a bit disconnected and out of the loop.

I was analogue for the day.

I don’t know where to start. I have a list as long as my arm of things to do (some fun, some grimy). I think my hay fever has mutated into a trans-seasonal cold, in short, how much I accomplish today will dictate how successful the remainder of the week is. Example – last Monday I had the hang over from hell, I spent the day watching re-runs of CSI and napping. Therefore by Tuesday I was already behind and still feeling lousy. I never caught up.

So today I set out these promises for the upcoming week –

*I shall tackle the reorganisation and cleaning of the kitchen area (esp. the cupboards of doom).

*I will not allow the laundry to mount up again and will iron key items before putting them away.

*I shall work my arse off and finish the first units of work for my courses.

*I will not watch any tv, or go to the flicks, till I have completed that days tasks.

*I shall try to sort out tennis lessons for October, ideas for Christmas cards, holiday to DC and comedy nights out.

Armed with a venti hazelnut latte and Women’s Hour blaring in the background I am optimistic.

As I was sat on my sofa trying to work through the latest topic on my classics course – ‘Agamemnon’ by Aeschylus (no I can’t pronounce it either), I had a sudden thought here am I studying translations of ancient Greek plays whilst my other half is happily typing away on the latest techy language…dot netty or something that sounds rather like an aged aunt. I retreat further into the past, he zooms into the future and I wonder do we balance each other out in the present?

V happy about the double win by ‘The Office’ and hoping that this might spur Cablevision along into including BBC America in there cable package.