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Snow envy

Posted: 12/01/2010 in Navel gazing
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I have a touch of the insomnias at the moment. Starting to get real familiar with 5am. It’s dark, there are sirens in the distance, and as soon as I stir my nose starts running. So on top of insomnia I have this weird sinus thing going on. I can’t tell if it is a lingering cold or just adjusting to being in the flat all day long. When I was in the office I sneezed a lot, now I am home my nose keeps getting stuffy. Anyway, back to 5am when I am laying there, and once willing myself back to sleep has failed I of course reach for my trusty iPhone. Read the two or more emails I’ll have from my mum (she is the BEST email buddy ever), check in on my WordsWithFriends games, and then pursue Twitter. Thankfully I follow people on both sides of the Atlantic so at 5am my UK tweeters will have been tweeting up a storm about snow and student protests. I can ignore the student protests for the moment (not too sure what I think of them at the moment) but the snow is making me very envious.

I love snow, and posting photos of it on Twitter. The UK getting snow before me has caused a disturbance in the force. All we have at the moment is rain, and it’s not all that photogenic.

Do you ever have one of those moments when you think you may have accidentally triggered an awkward situation? You don’t know whether you should say something or just pretend you didn’t hear anything. This afternoon when I was riding the elevator down to the lobby to check the mail there was someone from building’s management and a couple of potential renters in there as well. Within seconds of my entering one of potential renters asked the management dude if it was true that the apartments were particularly cold.  Maybe he would have asked that question any way but I got the feeling that it was my outfit that triggered it.  What could have given the game away –  the Ugg boots, leggings, sweater, cardigan and scarf combo perhaps? Overkill for someone just stepping out of their apartment to go check the mail.  Management dude of course went on about the effective heating in the apartments, and I guess I could have spoken up to reassure the potential renters but you know what this is a chilly apartment block with so-so heating (which was why I was wearing a scarf).

When I was little my granny use to berate my mum for “brushing out my curls”. Given that I could never remember a time when I had curls and that my hair was pretty straight I put it down to a granny-ism. Like her claim that the allies bombed Pearl Harbor to get the Americans into the war or that public toilets are to be feared (she would have loved those paper toilet seat covers). Then I moved to NYC and I gradually got wavy hair.  Faux wave, but wave none the less.  Maybe it is a climate thing or my granny channeling curls from the other side.

When I got my hair chopped and bleached last month I started trying to work the messy bed head look. A friend suggested I try Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and it was love at first tousle. I’ve been experimenting with whether it’s better on damp or dry hair, if damp should I spray and then blow dry or just scrunch scrunch scrunch. Today the weather conditions and the scrunching paid off and I think I nailed surfer chick hair. And my granny was right my mum did brush out my curls!

Woo hoo it’s a long weekend, and I’ve spent two-thirds of it curled up on the couch with my boy.  Now he has packed his wheelie suitcase, headed off into the sunset (again), and I am left to knock about the empty flat and study. STUDY! I’ve managed to catch-up with Pompeii and I’ve actually done the prep work for the first seminar which isn’t until the end of the month. Now I need to do the same with Greek drama tomorrow – fun! But now I get to watch Mad Men, and think about not having to go to work tomorrow.

Actually, what I am thinking about is how our apartment block is offering to upgrade the flat’s kitchen and bathroom. This is an obvious ploy to keep the current residents from moving out to one of the many new apartment buildings that are touting for business at the mo. The only catch on having your apartment upgraded is that your rent goes up by $130 per month and you have to sign on for another year. We went to take a look at one of the upgraded apartments and it was okay. Not really worth the extra $130 per month when consider that you can get a comparable apartment for less in the new building. When I told one of the building sales people that it looked “great” but it wasn’t worth $130 he shrugged and was like “whatever”. Given that when I look out of the window at our adjcent building there are so many unlit apartments you’d think they’d put up more of a fight to sell you on staying. Heigh ho I guess we’ll be looking for new place come ’10 unless they manage to rustle up a non-renovated discount.

I feel like I lost September. Not sure where it has gone but it’s gone. At the start of the month I had a to-do list, and now it’s October and I’ve barely scratched the surface. Bugger. Instead of focusing on all the things I haven’t done I am staying positive because I will have lots of time to catch-up with my school work once Alex goes to Atlanta. Yup, Alex’s next project is in Georgia.  On the plus side I”ll have my evenings from Sunday through Thursday to myself or rather for studying, Alex gets to be on a more interesting project and start racking up the loyalty points. And on the downside he wont be here.

Now the big question is do I get up at 6am tomorrow to go to yoga so I can get my hands on my free t-shirt (for doing 12 classes in 30 days) or sleep in and do a class on Monday and get my t-shirt then. Hmm first world dilemma.