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I lost most of last week to a bunch of doctors appointments. Between that and the up coming holidays I am starting to get behind in my school work so I am not a happy bunny. Throw in the news that Syfy has just canceled Stargate Universe apparently out of the blue as it wasn’t on the bubble then I am about as far removed from a joyous rabbit as you can get.

Seriously, what is up with Syfy at the moment? I feel like they are trying to remove the “space” element from their sci-fi rosta. First we loose Caprica and now SGU. Both shows explored dark themes with strong casts. And, SGU had Hamish MacBeth in space! He’s like the Scottish Eddie Olmos.  Are they only keeping shows where you can do fun holiday episodes? I love EUReKA as much as the next nerd who dreams of drinking lattes in Cafe Diem but I want drama like the Greeks invented. Conflict. People being haunted by the furies. Gender reversal. Individual vs. state.  And on that note I better get back to re-reading Antigone otherwise I will never catch-up.

I was going to blog about all the cooking I’ve been doing but I just saw on the Twitterverse that Caprica has been canceled and that makes me sad. I get that the ratings were low (even for basic cable) but it was such a good show. It was more than a show (*weep*) it was proper drama. Strong characters, thought provoking, group marriage, and cylons. CYLONS!

To make matters worse Syfy are pulling it from the schedule and we won’t see the final episodes till sometime in 2011, or fingers crossed earlier on DVD. This move pisses me off because it disrespects the fans, and the whole Caprica production family. Fine, you want your Tuesday night spot at 10pm back but for fraks sake let us see the final few episodes online for free or even via iTunes or Netflix. Give us some closure don’t leave us hanging. We care about the Adamas, Greystones and Sister Clarice. And what about Serge – who is going to look after Serge?

It’s deeply disappointing that there isn’t room on the Syfy roster for a show like this. That it could not be carried. That there wasn’t the option to give it a second season or even a tele-movie to wrap things up. Another nail in the coffin for meritocracy and another win for mediocrity.

So say we all.

In the last seven days I have:

Not only is this my first weekend in about a month where I haven’t had to pack, de-clutter, clean and unpack but TV is hotting up again after the hiatus that was the Winter Olympics so the DVD is bursting at the seams again. Just in time to distract me from my impending exams (10 weeks and counting) me thinks.

Chuck is back, and the Superman alumni are not annoying or threatening to our triumvirate.  ‘Chuck vs. The Fake Name’ was fab especially because Casey was made, Chuck had to torture him and the mysterious ‘Alex Coburn’ back story. Is this a Casey alias? Though, Sarah revealing her real name to Shaw and not Chuck was heart breaking especially as he saw it all. Is there hope for our star crossed-spies?

I honestly did not think The Good Wife could get any better, until Alan Cummings started guest starring. He is smoking the rest of the players in “Camp Peter”, and playful enough to engage with Alicia without her clamming up. Lovin’ it. Talking of guest stars on Friday James Marsters started his story arc on Caprica. Spike from Buffy is playing a monotheistic crusader, and I cannot wait to see him go head-to-head with Sister Clarice.

Too many distracts!


  • Alex comes home tonight and wont be traveling for the foreseeable future
  • Tracy Chapman
  • Caprica
  • Moving in less than 2 weeks


  • My head hurts from the cold walk home. Regular hat was not enough should have worn my snow boarding one
  • Shrove Tuesday has been postponed until tomorrow when Alex is home
  • Too tired to stay up and work on my essay
  • Nothing on TV for the next few weeks. Roll on March


  • Set sail for London tomorrow
  • Enjoying writing an essay on neighbourhoods in Pompeii but having to take MacBook to London to finish working on it
  • Managed to acquire Bumble & Bumble surf spray in time for trip so that I can have that tousled surfer look
  • Friday’s Caprica was excellent and I have the podcast to listen to


  • Still need to pack & my bag is very small but my warm clothes are very bulky
  • Trying to stay awake so that I will be tired enough to sleep on my cramped economy seat tomorrow night


  • Been invited to a wedding in Miami in the fall
  • Movers have been confirmed and they remembered me from 3 yrs ago
  • Caprica
  • Black & White cookies
  • London in just over a week and lots of great theatre booked
  • Lark Rise to Candleford is a bucolic roller-coaster. Am at the edge of my seat to find out what happens on the next DVD. Who knew tales about the Post Office at the turn of the 19th century would be so gripping
  • Yoga tomorrow morning


  • Too much juggling going on so not much time to stop and smell the caffeine
  • Looks like trip to Atlanta is off since it’s the only weekend we have to pack up for the move
  • Two essays still to be written before trip over the pond
  • I find it hard to unravel Vitruvius
  • How will my addiction to Words With Friends fare in London without 3G