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Before I launch into my sci-fi analogy (and it’s a good one) some housekeeping… I’m back from London and therefore done with exams and my degree (go me!) but I’m rocking a hideous case of jet lag and exam fatigue that I cannot shake. It’s been a week since I returned and I can’t stop waking up at 5am thinking that I have to go cram Aeschylus or Pliny’s letters. I guess the programming is going to take a while to shake, and it probably doesn’t help that my sinuses are horribly congested thanks to seasonal allergies. So when I wake up at 4 or 5am I start sneezing I can’t get back to sleep. Ugh.

Right, Deanna Troi. Deanna is obviously everyone’s favorite empath who managed to blag her way onto a position on the bridge of the Enterprise, and then exercised squatters’ rights.  Sadly, I have not developed empathic powers and blagged my way into a job with NASA, nor have I discovered the joy of big hair or outfits comprised of shiny Lycra and court shoes.

There is an episode in the second season of TNG where Deanna is impregnated by a mysterious alien entity and she goes through an accelerated pregnancy well that’s me but minus the alien involvement.

Yup, I’m pregnant. But not just pregnant pregnant but PREGNANT PREGNANT; I’m incubating twins so I really am going through the whole rapid expansion. Seriously, it’s insane and I feel like I’m in a sci-fi episode but in a good way rather than a creepy Splice way. I’m only 16 weeks yet I look like I am +20. It makes total sense given that the internal real estate has to expand to house two growing entities. I am just going with it,  accepting that I can only wear pants or skirts with elasticated waist bands and that I have to take it super easy. It would appear that the second trimester surge of energy only lasted 3 weeks for me but it got me through my revision and exams so I can’t complain.

It has been a long journey to get to this point, and I’ve been under the only functioning (self-imposed) super injunction so it’s going to be nice to be able to blog about this, and now I’m done with my degree I actually have the capacity to blog about a lot of other things as well (for instance my alternative ending to Battlestar Galactica) so it going to be a fun summer.