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The weather is freaking me out at the moment. I am dealing with mild tempts again and not pleasantly chilly ones. November is around the corner I should not be able to wear sandals out of the flat. It’s just not right. The weather app on my iPhone claims that tomorrow the temps will dramatically fall into line again but until then I am “forced” to suck up the sunshine.

Before I met my friend for a mojito fueled lunch I took a stroll along the High Line in Chelsea. I love the High Line. It’s an abandoned railway track that has been converted into a park, and what makes it all the more cool is that it is an elevated track so you get views on top of greenery.

The High Line: Tracks & Grass

The High Line: Flowers #2

The High Line: Flowers #2

The High Line: Flowers #3

The High Line: Flowers #1

The High Line: A View

There are two things I need to clarify before I launch into this anecdote. Firstly, I am not a bad person I probably should have interjected into the conversation but there is something about indignant tourists that rile me. You know the type – the ones that take it as a personal insult that things aren’t closer together. You want an indignant tourist try being in Pompeii in July when it is a thousand degrees in the shade (if there was any shade) and all the guide books say that it’s only a 20 minute walk from the minibus drop to the top of Vesuvius BUT they lied and it is actually a good hour at a steady trot. Secondly, just to get your geographic bearings the discount store Century 21 is opposite the World Trade Center site.

So I am sitting in Starbucks in SoHo killing some time before I have my lunch date. Enjoying the AC and getting frustrated about not being able to get on the free wifi. Three tourists sit next to me. They are in their early 20s and are pouring over a subway map. It is obvious that they are tired, hot and getting frustrated with being in NYC (the sighing and eye rolling gave it away). Girl 1 wants to go to Century 21 but none of them know where it is. Girl 1 is adamant that she must go to Century 21 to buy discount jeans. There is no reason to be in NYC other than to go to Century 21 to buy discounted jeans, and visit the World Trade Center site. Girl 2 understands the importance of visiting Century 21 but does not see the point of going downtown to the WTC as aside from the building site there is nothing of any interest there just people in suits. Girl 1 and 2 then launch into a discussion about how they could ask someone where Century 21 is. This circular conversation of ‘I want to go to Century 21 but I don’t know where it is, and I want to go to WTC’ goes on for about 5 minutes before Boy 1 suggests they get a cab to Century 21 as the cab driver will know.

Imagine their joy when they discover the location of Century 21!

– New beginnings & refocusing energies
– Leverage on DVD & trying to figure out the twist
– Falling in love (again) with the beauty of NYC through White Collar
– Getting my mojo back
– Three days to freedom

– Uncertainty
– Heat, humidity & thunderstorms
– The shoutiness of Hell’s Kitchen

The oven is beeping at me. I have had two glasses of prosecco and I can’t get off the sofa. I am not quite sure why I am roasting a pork tenderloin on a Tuesday night but it seemed like a good idea when I got home from drinks with friends. By the way drinks with friends is very similar to Words With Friends but with the added element of Four Square. Is it wrong that went out for drinks so I’d get more Four Square points? There are times I feel like I am trapped in a social networking loop but I must breakout to deal with my tenderloin.

Rice & beans

Posted: 03/16/2010 in food
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It’s late. I should be asleep but I had iced coffee with condensed milk at 9pm, and then stayed up to watch The Good Wife so I am over stimulated and bouncing off the walls right now. Instead of trying to sleep I am going to tell you about my lunch (thrilling I know). I had the greatest burrito ever. GREATEST. BURRITO. EVER.

It rocked my world. This burrito tasted like it had been sprinkled with birthday joy and a side order of Christmas cheer. After consumption,  I wanted to lay back and have a post-burrito smoke. The pork was damn fine with guacamole smeared all over it. The rice to beans ration was spot on, as was the spicy seasoning. It was pulled pork perfection wrapped in a tortilla.

Of course the burrito came from a street food cart – Calexio (on the corner of Wooster & Prince). The greatest food comes from carts and tiny hole-in-the-wall places where no one speaks English.

Let’s just try & concentrate on the positive…

  • Snagged a $100 Amazon voucher through my office’s health & wellness program (all to be spent on school books)
  • After much research I managed to find snazzy travel mugs to be used in our new car
  • Since I have finished unpacking & cleaning I can finally paint my nails without the fear of premature chipping
  • I’ve got six topics to read through tonight whilst Alex is off with his new colleagues
  • Smitten Kitchen’s pear bread is amazing
  • Two days till Caprica
  • Made it to yoga so can be super lazy for the rest of the week
  • Over caffeinated  thanks to two trips to La Colombe today