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Snow envy

Posted: 12/01/2010 in Navel gazing
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I have a touch of the insomnias at the moment. Starting to get real familiar with 5am. It’s dark, there are sirens in the distance, and as soon as I stir my nose starts running. So on top of insomnia I have this weird sinus thing going on. I can’t tell if it is a lingering cold or just adjusting to being in the flat all day long. When I was in the office I sneezed a lot, now I am home my nose keeps getting stuffy. Anyway, back to 5am when I am laying there, and once willing myself back to sleep has failed I of course reach for my trusty iPhone. Read the two or more emails I’ll have from my mum (she is the BEST email buddy ever), check in on my WordsWithFriends games, and then pursue Twitter. Thankfully I follow people on both sides of the Atlantic so at 5am my UK tweeters will have been tweeting up a storm about snow and student protests. I can ignore the student protests for the moment (not too sure what I think of them at the moment) but the snow is making me very envious.

I love snow, and posting photos of it on Twitter. The UK getting snow before me has caused a disturbance in the force. All we have at the moment is rain, and it’s not all that photogenic.


  • Alex comes home tonight and wont be traveling for the foreseeable future
  • Tracy Chapman
  • Caprica
  • Moving in less than 2 weeks


  • My head hurts from the cold walk home. Regular hat was not enough should have worn my snow boarding one
  • Shrove Tuesday has been postponed until tomorrow when Alex is home
  • Too tired to stay up and work on my essay
  • Nothing on TV for the next few weeks. Roll on March

It would appear that as well as a bag of chocolate gingers, two plays (Martin Crimp’s adaptation of The Misanthrope and a signed copy of Alan Bennett’s The Habit of Art), and a DVD on Greek tragedy I brought home the common cold. Stupid rhino-virus.

The thing I hate about colds is that they are tricky frakers. They sneak up on you, make you stupid and have an inbuilt cloaking device. I was sat in a meeting for three hours wondering why my nose wouldn’t stop running until it dawned on me that I had a cold. When you wake up in the morning you always feel better than the night before because the rhino-virus is hiding. Sure your nose is running, and you feel a little under the weather but your brain doesn’t feel like a blancmange so you must be on the upswing. Wrong! Some time in the mid-afternoon everything goes horribly wrong. Your nose is simultaneously running and blocked, your brain hurts when you try to do anything other than the most basic of tasks and you feel like you are submerged under water.

By the late afternoon the only thing I could do was shred five years worth of notebooks and tidy out my desk drawers. My poor nose had started to turn a delightful shade of crimson, and my friends in the back office formed a Greek chorus line suggesting that I stay home. I think they may have a point.