About Me

I am a Girl Friday at a non-profit foundation in NYC, but my heart belongs to the Greeks and the Romans. In 2003 I read the Odyssey and it changed my life. I am now two thirds of my way through a degree in Classical Studies and have my eye on graduate school.But until I get my BA and a few dead languages under my belt I am stuck juggling the day job with the ancients.

When I don’t have my nose stuck in a school book I love science fiction, cosy British mysteries, yoga and baking yummy treats for my husband, Alex.

  1. maphead says:


    I stumbled onto your blog via Bookishly Fab’s blogroll. Nice blog ! I will have to drop by on a regular basis. I admire your willingness to pursue a degree in Classical Studies. If you haven’t already, read Rome Inc: The Rise and Fall of the First Multinational Corporation by Stanley Bing. It was one of the best books I read in 2009. I reviewed it, albeit only briefly on my book blog:http://maphead.wordpress.com/2009/02/16/friends-romans-countrymen-lend-me-your-corner-office/
    Anyway, glad I stopped by your blog. I am also a big BSG fan and although I don’t have cable, I have watched the pilot for Caprica and enjoyed it.
    You might have also inspired me to dust off a few classical era-related books from my personal library ! IF Stone’s Trial of Socrates and DF Kitto’s The Greeks have been sitting unread on my shelf for far too long !!

  2. @lisariemers says:

    Hey… just wanted to stop by and say that your blog is awesome! Having meandered over from Twitter out of curiosity, I’ve just managed to waste a considerable portion of my working morning having a browse! Keep up the great work x

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