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I am part of a low-rent cult. The cult of the pedometer. Through work I have access to a fabulous health and wellness benefit: Virgin HealthMiles. Wear your pedometer,  stay active and the rewards come flooding in.  To make things more interesting there are challenges throughout the year.  Our office just started one last week and everyone has gone into hyper competitive mode.  Instead of being an individual challenge with each of us trying to garner as many steps of possible we have been put into pairs, and the team that gets the highest daily average will win.

This ‘highest daily average’ is killing me. Normally I can get enough steps Monday through Friday so that I can be in a vegetative state on the weekends, but oh no now I have to do stuff on the weekend. Go out. Walkabout. Take a zillion steps. Tomorrow I am planning a trip to the Doughnut Plant (over a mile from the office and yes I get the irony) and on Friday I’ll be walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to an event in Dumbo. Normally I average 12,000 on a weekday but at the moment I am trying to push it to 15,000-18,000 so that I can have a wee bit of vegging time on the weekends. Role on the end of June when this will be over.

My reward for visiting the chiropractor yesterday was another dose of Clive Owen – this time I’ll Sleep When I am Dead. It was directed by the same chap who helmed the excellent, if a little uneven, Croupier.

The protagonist Will is an ex-gang boss, who disgusted by the direction his life is taking, literally, heads to the hills seeking solitude and penance. He leaves behind an older girl friend (the enigmatic Charlotte Rampling) and a younger brother Davey, played by the edible Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Davey has slipped into the glam life style of supplying drugs to the bright young things on the London party scene. He is a little fish who isn’t trampling on anyones toes, but inadvertently comes to the attention of Boad When Will is unable to get in touch with his brother, he reluctantly heads back to the smoke and discovers that Davey has committed suicide. The focused, but pained, elder brother is forced to re-enter the underworld and sets about investigating the cause of Davey’s tragic actions.

Sleep is a hard film to watch, not only is the violence graphic (unlike the usual Hollywood shoot ’em ups) but the tension that Owen/Rhys-Meyers create makes it both unsettling and uneasy from the viewers perspective. This is not a Sunday afternoon picture but if you are in the right mood it is time well spent. My only complaint, the plinky plonky score that accompanies the comparison scenes where it flashes between the life style differences of the brothers – Will’s self imposed solitary confinement and Davey’s fair weather friends superficial one.

growing pains

Posted: 07/08/2004 in daily life
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Whilst I was away Alex starting visiting a chiropractor, at first I was rather dismissive. Since he doesn’t suffer chronic back pain just the odd twinge and the usual wonky shoulders from years of carrying book bags.

This week I decided to get in on the act – what’s good enough for the goose and all that. I must admit that I have always written off my aches to my ill fitting skeleton, according to my yoga teachers I am hyper-mobile or family lore says I hail from loose jointed stock. I do have poor posture (a tendency to hunch my shoulders..all those years of studying) and a tight pain between my shoulder blades. In my defence, eighteen months of yoga has made a marked improvement – I know this because my mum always comments that I am walking straighter every time I see her – but my shoulders are still tight but flexible (go figure).

I really thought that the chiropractor would tell me to keep my head up and make sure I wear both straps of my rucksack, but no I have actual spine/neck problems that require correction!!! Tomorrow I am off for spinal x-rays (Alex’s problem didn’t require them) and then on Tuesday she will finish diagnosing me. She was very reassuring, I am young and this is the best time to sort out these problems before you get older and they really become an issue…. Here’s something scary one shoulder is higher than the other and to compensate the opposite ear is lower!!! And when she put my arms together, straight out in front, the palms overlap rather than matching because of the muscles in my back…

For years I didn’t think there was anything wrong with me – aren’t our bodies meant to ache?

Well, apparently not!