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  • I’ve got over 2,000 words on my Antigone essay so tomorrow I just need to edit and tighten my argument(s)
  • Over lunch I listened to the latest episode of BBC Radio 4 comedy ‘Ed Reardon’s Week’ about a struggling and cantankerous writer so funny. Actual laugh out loud moments – his dealing with his “literary agent” Ping are gold!
  • Watched the latest episode of Showtime’s Episodes, and it still going strong in its crazy meta show-with-in-a-show. Kudos for them getting Matt Le Blanc to play an alternate version of himself and poke fun at Joey
  • A kitten called Sparta


  • The Good Wife lost out to watching Chopped live tonight as he-who-pays-the-rent makes the final decision (not really a “meh” as I can use TGW as my carrot tomorrow and I am kind of tired)
  • Yet another snow storm is heading this way. It’s like being trapped in Narnia – always winter and never Christmas
  • 9am hair appointment tomorrow which means an early start, and dependent on the weather (but I’ve got a Groupon and I can pick up egg custards from Chinatown so that is a win)
  • Feeling yuk because I am only working out once a week but trying to fit in long walks where possible, and sneaky Tracy Anderson arm workouts
  • Need to start drafting a post for my uni blog but all I can think about at the moment are my essays!

I don’t know where to start. I have a list as long as my arm of things to do (some fun, some grimy). I think my hay fever has mutated into a trans-seasonal cold, in short, how much I accomplish today will dictate how successful the remainder of the week is. Example – last Monday I had the hang over from hell, I spent the day watching re-runs of CSI and napping. Therefore by Tuesday I was already behind and still feeling lousy. I never caught up.

So today I set out these promises for the upcoming week –

*I shall tackle the reorganisation and cleaning of the kitchen area (esp. the cupboards of doom).

*I will not allow the laundry to mount up again and will iron key items before putting them away.

*I shall work my arse off and finish the first units of work for my courses.

*I will not watch any tv, or go to the flicks, till I have completed that days tasks.

*I shall try to sort out tennis lessons for October, ideas for Christmas cards, holiday to DC and comedy nights out.

Armed with a venti hazelnut latte and Women’s Hour blaring in the background I am optimistic.

Finally, tackled the laundry mountain that has been threatening to consume our flat (not to mention the inhabitants). Compared to the majority of my friends, and other apartment dwelling in the tri-state, we have it easy, as there is a washer/drier conveniently located next to the bathroom. No hauling our dirty smalls to the basement communal laundry or out into the big wide world. But, still I let it grow. I think it’s because I loath putting the clean clothes away. Our wardrobes are rather titchy, yes I got the larger one, but it always seems to turn into a logistical nightmare. Were after ten minutes, I break and start cramming my tees higgledy piggledy. Ideally I like to separate my tees into – plain, dressy, graphic, plain vests and graphic vests.

Moi, a tad anal…never!

Generally when I am sorting the clean laundry I put the Archers on. Tonight I had the pleasure of listening to yet another sport ideally suited to being covered on the radio soap. In the past we have had card games, riding, micro lighting, darts and now tug of war!

fatted calf

Posted: 07/05/2004 in Radio
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Debbie is coming home.

Let the power struggle begin – Debbie vs. Adam – who will Brian & Jenny back????

Dear BBC Radio4

Was it a jape or just a bit of a tease to have this afternoons play explore the topic of student stress and suicide….. At other times of the year I whole heartly support tie in dramas but perhaps keep them to winter equinox and Michaelmas.


Most confused of NJ

blue boys

Posted: 05/10/2004 in Radio
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The last few episodes of The Archers have been very well crafted and brought up some important issues – male depression, child custody and suicide.

Nuff said.

This was going to be a grumpy post – complaining that I our landlord called first thing this morning to let us know that he and the prodigal plumber were 20 minutes away! I leaped into action sprucing up the flat and got the bathroom ready so that our leaky bath taps could be fixed. But, it was well worth the inconvenience as I am no longer, slowly, going demented by the water torture drip drip drip and since we are no longer wasting hot water I could have a shower at full strength 🙂 What a great way to kick off the weekend……

I am beginning to think that the C of E use some Jedi training techniques (or at least The Archers script writers do). Alan was counselling Chris, about the aftermath of the fire, I sworn he was only a few steps away from saying “Use the force Luke Chris…”