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  • Set sail for London tomorrow
  • Enjoying writing an essay on neighbourhoods in Pompeii but having to take MacBook to London to finish working on it
  • Managed to acquire Bumble & Bumble surf spray in time for trip so that I can have that tousled surfer look
  • Friday’s Caprica was excellent and I have the podcast to listen to


  • Still need to pack & my bag is very small but my warm clothes are very bulky
  • Trying to stay awake so that I will be tired enough to sleep on my cramped economy seat tomorrow night

When I was little my granny use to berate my mum for “brushing out my curls”. Given that I could never remember a time when I had curls and that my hair was pretty straight I put it down to a granny-ism. Like her claim that the allies bombed Pearl Harbor to get the Americans into the war or that public toilets are to be feared (she would have loved those paper toilet seat covers). Then I moved to NYC and I gradually got wavy hair.  Faux wave, but wave none the less.  Maybe it is a climate thing or my granny channeling curls from the other side.

When I got my hair chopped and bleached last month I started trying to work the messy bed head look. A friend suggested I try Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray and it was love at first tousle. I’ve been experimenting with whether it’s better on damp or dry hair, if damp should I spray and then blow dry or just scrunch scrunch scrunch. Today the weather conditions and the scrunching paid off and I think I nailed surfer chick hair. And my granny was right my mum did brush out my curls!


  • Bumble & Bumble’s Surf Spray for that messy unkempt look that takes a mere 15mins to create each morning
  • My brother is networking, fingers crossed that it materializes into a job
  • Head is just above water with school work but I could sink at any moment
  • ScupltWorks class tomorrow
  • Downloading sample books on to the old Kindle
  • Complete reading list for Greek Drama is exciting and wobbly


  • Working late impacts evening studying
  • My grannie has been hospitalized with swine flu
  • Had to settle for Le Pain Quodtidien coffee this evening