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Finally, tackled the laundry mountain that has been threatening to consume our flat (not to mention the inhabitants). Compared to the majority of my friends, and other apartment dwelling in the tri-state, we have it easy, as there is a washer/drier conveniently located next to the bathroom. No hauling our dirty smalls to the basement communal laundry or out into the big wide world. But, still I let it grow. I think it’s because I loath putting the clean clothes away. Our wardrobes are rather titchy, yes I got the larger one, but it always seems to turn into a logistical nightmare. Were after ten minutes, I break and start cramming my tees higgledy piggledy. Ideally I like to separate my tees into – plain, dressy, graphic, plain vests and graphic vests.

Moi, a tad anal…never!

Generally when I am sorting the clean laundry I put the Archers on. Tonight I had the pleasure of listening to yet another sport ideally suited to being covered on the radio soap. In the past we have had card games, riding, micro lighting, darts and now tug of war!

fatted calf

Posted: 07/05/2004 in Radio
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Debbie is coming home.

Let the power struggle begin – Debbie vs. Adam – who will Brian & Jenny back????

blue boys

Posted: 05/10/2004 in Radio
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The last few episodes of The Archers have been very well crafted and brought up some important issues – male depression, child custody and suicide.

Nuff said.

This was going to be a grumpy post – complaining that I our landlord called first thing this morning to let us know that he and the prodigal plumber were 20 minutes away! I leaped into action sprucing up the flat and got the bathroom ready so that our leaky bath taps could be fixed. But, it was well worth the inconvenience as I am no longer, slowly, going demented by the water torture drip drip drip and since we are no longer wasting hot water I could have a shower at full strength 🙂 What a great way to kick off the weekend……

I am beginning to think that the C of E use some Jedi training techniques (or at least The Archers script writers do). Alan was counselling Chris, about the aftermath of the fire, I sworn he was only a few steps away from saying “Use the force Luke Chris…”

I just figure he’ll have more of a chance to date – I mean Ian has only been in the village five minutes and he’s pulled!!!! The only problem is I can’t see Underwoods being a substitution for Barney’s 🙂

Great gig last night, Paul Kelly was in top form and did a nice mix of old/new songs. The venue was small and rather hot by the end of the set. Many an antipodean audience but there were a few of us pommes 🙂 I keep trying to explain what type of music Paul Kelly plays and it’s hard to label it – I guess folk/rock is the closest. But that always gives me an imagine of ‘A Mighty Wind’! Which he definitely is not!

A capital episode of The Archers on Radio 4 yesterday – the evil Clive Horrobin breaking into George and Chris’s home and taking them hostage. We were left with Phil Archer saving the day, as he scared Clive away but Chris collapsed……..has the stress been too much for her?