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Had a rather lazy Sunday (I think we might have overdosed on Nigella Kitchen, Top Chef and Next Iron Chef – if too much gastro-telly is possible), and now it is Monday and time to start the week again. Since it’s Thanksgiving I’ve got a lot of things going on, so to try and stay focused (and not get sucked into a Eureka marathon on Netflix instant) I’d make a list:

  • 75 cookies to bake as a favor for a friend
  • Attempt to secure ComCon tickets
  • Work on 2011 calendar and Christmas cards
  • Watch Robin Hood (Netflix rental lingering on the coffee table)
  • Finish mittens & start on the next project
  • Make mincemeat & first batch of pies (going to bake & freeze)
  • Locate hazelnut liqueur for tiramisu for Thanksgiving desert
  • Bake pumpkin chocolate chip bread as a favor for another friend
  • Read (and enjoy!) Lucan’s Civil War
  • Prep for seminars on women in Aristophanes comedies, Pliny’s letters on his wife’s miscarriage, and Aeschylus’ Oresteia trilogy
  • Start (online) Christmas shopping
  • Survive hair cut and color at the hands of an Aveda student

Boxing Day +2

Posted: 12/28/2009 in Navel gazing
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I am sat on a Long Island RailRoad train speeding it’s way to somewhere in Long Island. Not too sure where as we are visiting one of Alex’s friends. I stress the “Alex” part as my friends generally have the good sense to stop at Queens. But I am sure we will have a nice time once the pain in my side dissipates (someone made me run for the train and I am wearing my heavy NorthFace coat!).

Today is the last lazy day of my Christmas holidays as I will need to get back to studying tomorrow and make the most of my remaining days till I return to work on Jan 4th. Though the last few days haven’t been that lazy. I’ve baked my heart out for all the friends we’ve seen (today is no different as I have banana bread in my bag), caught up on TV, read a non-school book that isn’t Entertainment Weekly and been round 4 apartment buildings. Studying for a few days sounds really restful in comparison.

I am so so happy that it is Christmas Eve, and that 2009 is almost put to bed. It was only a half day in the office, so I was able to meet up with Alex to watch a matinee of  ‘Up In The Air’. (Really enjoyed it.) Once we got home I buzzed about the kitchen prepping for tomorrow whilst we listened to a This American Life podcast. It was pure middle class bliss. I made another match of mince pies, this time I have the pastry recipe down and Alex is a much better roller than I am since my pie crusts were uneven and an inch thick. Then I moved on to making Smitten Kitchen’s winter fruit salad and Baked’s sour lemon buttermilk scones. With the scones I followed Smitten Kitchen’s advice and flash froze them so I can bake them straight from the freezer tomorrow morning.  And since the recipe yielded way more scones than we can eat in the morning I will have some tasty breakfast treats to look forward to. We will have the scones (plus tea) in bed whilst we open our Santa socks (and listen to Morning Edition), and then breakfast proper will be the winter fruit salad and Pioneer Woman’s savory bread pudding.  We are going to friends for an early Christmas dinner around 5pm so I need to make sure that we don’t go hungry and graze on mince pies all afternoon!

I am so happy happy to be on vacation for the next week. No big plans just plenty of cooking, eating, studying and watching Band of Brothers again.

Happy holidays, or to follow Richard Dawkins’ lead and celebrate the creation of the universe.

my personal grotto

Posted: 12/21/2004 in daily life
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I look a little grumpy – but I really am smiling inside 🙂

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What’s more exciting revising macroeconomics or dressing the tree and covering the flat with fairy lights???

A tough call. So it is probably quite understanding that I am now revising in Santa’s grotto, with a Chris Isaak Christmas playing in the background…. I find christmas trees very zen and hypnotic. As a safety measure I always get a real one, as I fear that if I got an artificial one I would never take it down.