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My geek side is having a hissy fit, all be it a silent one as Alex is still asleep (someone was up late playing Trout 14 or Storm Cloud 7 or something), I got my Friday night scheduling wrong….Joan is clashing with Archer!!!!!

The choice is easy, my dedication to the federation comes above all others but if Enterprise had been given the 21:00 slot then, well, at a later time period couldn’t things have got a bit hotter more dramatic.

Hey ho, lets turn that frown into a smile and I’ll remember that I can always catch up with the going ons in Arcardia on repeat nights or next Summers hiatus, and of course it’s only television show so it’s not really that important……

Live long and prosper 😉

So, I am back in my ancestral home – which has been in the family since the turn of the century (alright the last one). My mother’s decoration style is more Tate Modern than Laura Ashley, which means it has a twist of art installation about it. This part of greater London is as rural as I can manage without breaking out in hives…it’s a shocking thirty minute bus ride to the nearest Starbucks and I have yet to find a yoga studio – apparently they are only for people North of the river…..he he he. But this ‘isolation’ is good as I get far more revision done.

Can you tell I am feeling better? The news that Enterprise got renewed has brightened my mood too!

The crew of the Enterprise NX-01 have always been rougher around the edges than their successors, but T’Pol’s experimentation with sex & drugs (superbly portrayed by Jolene Blalock – will she get a nod from Emmys or Globes?), Archer stealing technology and their current fragile state as they limp towards the show down with the Xindi. I loved the way they had to physically haul the doors open/closed and now they resemble Red Dwarf.

But, I hate it when Star Trek dabble in the temporal paradox episodes – they are generally disappointing (remember Kes leaping about in time on Voyager, none of those hook ups came to fruition) and I just know I will end up hollering at the telly. As far as I am concerned if they fail to make to the same mistake then their future selves will cease to exist, full stop.

Scott Bakula should know better, he was in Quantum Leap after all.

So, Angel got it’s P45 last week and now there of mumblings about whether Enterprise will get renewed for a 4th Season.  Well I got my fingers crossed that UPN will greenlight another season. Okay – it was rather slow to get going but so were its predecessors and I am enjoying my time in the Expanse looking for the WMD. Here are a few things that I would love them to include:

* Is Dax old enough to make an appearance?
* Does Q have anything to do with the creation of the Expanse?
* Background on how the Federation was formed. 
* Glimpse at how future conflicts arose e.g. Cardassians/Bajorans, how did the Borg evolve – were they once humanoid but took technology one step too far?
* The social and economic changes that occurred on Earth e.g. how did they come to stop using money, is it a planned economy?
* Give Archer  decent villains to go up against the Xindi don’t really scare in the same way Cardassians (esp. Gul Dukat), Borg or The Dominion did.