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radio ha ha

Posted: 03/08/2005 in The Archers

Given the inclement and highly bi-polar weather (sunny, rainy, snowy – make up your blinking mind) by the time I got home I was in need of a laugh. What do I discover when catching up with this week’s adventures in Ambridge….Victoria Wood has written spoof episodes for Comic Relief. Deep joy and the most fun you can have in two and a half minutes 🙂

Alex, very smugly, pointed out an article in NewScientist about how dyslexics have slower reaction times when driving than ‘regular’ people. Granted it was a very small sample, but it you’ve ever witnessed me playing computer driving game you could take it as more evidence that I was pre-destined to remain one of life’s passengers. Seriously, thought how was I meant to know that when you try and turn when reversing you have to move the steering wheel in the opposite direction to the one you want to go in! And don’t even get me started on how disorientated I get at Halo2.

My patron also beat me to a post about The Gates project. I have to say I was pretty skeptical about the whole thing, but when I got there and wandered around a bit I had to eat my “whose been tango’d” hat. If it wasn’t so crowded it would have been a serene experience, like being in an episode of Star Trek where they visit an alien but zen like world (perhaps Vulcan). Kudos to the artists who funded it themselves, as corporate sponsorship would have ruined it (logos everywhere – yuk). The park will look very bare, but spacious once everything has been removed – the Christmas tree effect.

It looks like Baz Luhrmann’s vision of Alexander the Great is being resurrected. On the one hand it will be nice to see what he does with it (and it can’t be as bad as Stone’s), but I am not sure about the dull, pretty boy DiCaprio in the lead. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – Ewan MacGregor for Alexander. You know it makes sense.

Just in case you ever wondered, frosted Cheerios are not a satisfactory substitute for frosted donuts – how long till Easter? I have already started planning my first post-Lent meal out, I see Pylos and two desserts.

Finally, if you are at an impass regarding vacations this year, look no further than here.

vibes positive, please

Posted: 01/06/2005 in film, The Archers

Yesterday I mailed off my application for the online BA in Classical Studies at The University of London. It is now in the hands of the gods, and I hope they will look favorable upon me. On paper I am hopeful, I meet the entrance requirements and I think I wrote a compelling personal statement. So, I am just left waiting…..

In the meantime, let me clear up some loose ends before I depart for vacation. A particularly astute article from the Observer, summing up pretty much what I thought about the latest story line in The Archers. Part of me is hoping that they use the Cathy vehicle to tackle heterosexual women and the risk of HIV – somber, but a very important issue even for rural Ambridge. On a happier note, doesn’t it look like Alan and Usha might be ‘getting it together’??? Interesting, I wonder what Linda will have to say 🙂

Now, was I the only one that could not stand the much hyped Angels in America? I made it through the first three hours, but found it hard enough to digest Al Pacino going supernova without having the added pain of his female counterpart, Meryl Streep, joining in. So it might surprise you that I trotted along to watch The Merchant of Venice. It was sumptuous. The locale, cast and dialogue are delicious. The good news is that Mr Pacino is constrained by a large beard and accent (and they also must have weighted his arms down).