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I have three articles on Antigone that I should probably be reading but I am so brain dead from a day reading endless articles about Tacitus, and churning out the world’s longest essay plan that I need a break. So, I’ve popped this week’s Chuck on, and I’ll throw out a few bullet points on how I’ve done this month on my ’34 in 2011′ challenge:

  • Pretty much studying full-time, and it really is making a difference. I’m further along in January than I’ve ever been before, and my aim is that by April I should be able to spend the that month just doing essay plans and past papers
  • Started off the bread baking easy with soda bread (yum!) and I think in February I’ll try my hand at a regular white loaf
  • I love Evernotes. In fact I love it so much I wrote a blog post for my university study blog about it
  • Only managed to read one non-school book in January, and it was a so-so P.D. James murder mystery but I did read a book about Spartan Women, and those women were fierce (or at least the myths about them are)
  • Been doing lots and lots of cooking, and trying to use up everything in my pantry which makes for some interesting meal combos. Best new recipe from this month is the Chinese no clay-pot chicken with soy and ginger – so yummy and easy!
  • Knitted a pair of mittens as a leaving gift for a friend and ex-colleague. They over well so going to knit a few b’day gifts
  • I’ve been flossing but there is nothing like not having dental insurance to motivate you to floss

1. Study hard & aim to get firsts in final exams: Greek Drama, Nero to Hadrian & Women in Antiquity
2. Start to learn “dead” languages: Latin & Greek
3. Start to learn a “live” language: German, French or Italian
4. Look for a part-time job in May to pay for language courses & perhaps a MacBook Air
5. Volunteer somewhere that will help with getting into grad school & the next stage of my “career”
6. Take self-defense & first aid courses
7. Bake my own bread
8. Become a Jedi master in icing Star Wars cookies
9. Visit Hadrian’s Wall
10. Write more
11. Use Evernotes & other helpful techie tools (if only to keep Alex quiet)
12. Read thirty-four books
13.  Learn how to butcher a chicken
14. Figure out some topics to do weekly blog posts about
15. Become a Netflix ninja & get through more DVDs
16. Cook at least one new recipe every week
17. Learn to love Roman writers
18. Plan a trip to utilize my new language skills (see 3)
19. Attend the Williamstown Theater Festival (dependent on productions – please no ‘Our Town’ in 2011)
20. See the US Air Force Thunderbirds
21. Plan day trips to explore the tri-state
22. Send a care package(s) to the troops
23. Read some poetry (other than my old dead poets, & beloved W.H. Auden)
24. Learn how to bake French macaroons
25. Start knitting for Christmas 2011
26. Comment on more blogs
27. Learn to use Alex’s old manual camera
28. Get inked
29. Darn my socks
30. Clear out my closet & don’t live in yoga pants
31. Apply for citizenship
32. Eat at WD-50, Daniel, Craft & Annisa
33. Floss!
34. Join a book group

On the menu

Posted: 10/30/2010 in food
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I am really throwing myself into cooking at the moment. It’s one of the conditions of my temporary secondment to the “home office” (the others include not spending all day in my pajamas watching Netflix Instant and studying my spin toned ass off). I love being able to plan our meals for not just the weekend but the week, and being able to break out of my comfort zone by not relying on recycling the old favorites. My plan is not to repeat meals as much as I use to and make sure that there are yummy things for Alex to take for lunch at least 3-4 days a week. This means that I too have yummy things for lunch. Win win. Over the last two weeks I’ve made:

I’ve got a thing for ricotta at the moment. Love it’s texture when baked, and the lemon ricotta pancakes are to die for. Even Alex was impressed and normally he gets a little snarky when I mess around with the usual pancake recipe. Though in his defense it’s normally because I am trying to sneak things into the pancake batter, that in his opinion do not belong, like chunks of fruit that then go on to distort the pancakes true form.

This week I am channeling Nigella and Jamie, and plan on making:

I’ve also got a whole chicken to roast so I’ll have to figure out something to do with it beyond roasting, and I need to bake something mid-week. Decisions decisions.


Posted: 11/16/2004 in cooking, daily life
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I am drinking in the aromas that are engulfing the flat – cinnamon, nutmeg, chocolate and fermenting apples. I am in full-on domestic goddess mode, whipping up a batch of dark chocolate and walnut brownies and mincemeat for Christmas. If the brownies are up to scratch then I shall split them between Alex’s work and my volunteering placement.

Cooking is a good way to placate myself, as I got a bit angry at the television, again. I sat down to watch a morning talk show, my poor man’s substitute for Richard and Judy, on TiVo whilst having my lunch. Unless they have guests on that interest me usually only watch the first 10 minutes or so as they do their spiel about their respective adventures of the previous day. It has been getting a tad monotonous of late, American football and Trump…yawn. Today the more mature male co-host had seen the new Bridget Jones flick and was confused as to why Hugh Grant and Colin Firth were fighting over someone who was very over weight and feisty. Hmmm, now Bridget is no stick insect, but she is not orca fat. She is ditsy, smokes, swears and drinks to much. It is especially because of those qualities the we should love Ms Jones and her wobbly bits.

Imported Irish thick cut bacon $6.53
Imported HP Sauce $4.75
White bread $1.37

The perfect bacon sandwich – Priceless

… in a small apartment with hyper sensitive smoke detectors.

Step One: Clean the oven thoroughly.
Step Two: Remove the battery operated smoke detector and hide it under the downie.
Step Three: Fix a double thickness plastic bag over the additional smoke detector that is plugged into the mains.
Step Four: Open windows (even if like today raining and 7 degrees outside).
Step Five: Put the extractor fan on full blast.
Step Six: At your own peril turn the oven on past the ‘safe’ temperature of 350 F.
Step Seven: Sit back and relax Hover nervously with a take out menu in case it all goes pear shaped.