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I feel like I lost September. Not sure where it has gone but it’s gone. At the start of the month I had a to-do list, and now it’s October and I’ve barely scratched the surface. Bugger. Instead of focusing on all the things I haven’t done I am staying positive because I will have lots of time to catch-up with my school work once Alex goes to Atlanta. Yup, Alex’s next project is in Georgia.  On the plus side I”ll have my evenings from Sunday through Thursday to myself or rather for studying, Alex gets to be on a more interesting project and start racking up the loyalty points. And on the downside he wont be here.

Now the big question is do I get up at 6am tomorrow to go to yoga so I can get my hands on my free t-shirt (for doing 12 classes in 30 days) or sleep in and do a class on Monday and get my t-shirt then. Hmm first world dilemma.


  • Yoga, SculptWorks & Pilates – the holy exercise triumvirate
  • Don Draper’s his ability to compartmentalize
  • Pumpkin spiced loaf with chocolate chips – delish!
  • Hoping with Alex out of the way part of the week I’ll be able to not only catch-up but also get ahead with my school work
  • Alexander McCall Smith & the latest installment of The Sunday Philosophy club series. Love that Isabel is a cougar


  • Duck & Peggy – eew!
  • Atlanta
  • Dreamt that I left my laptop outside and it rained
  • Feeling like I am getting behind in my school work even though school hasn’t even started officially
  • This is TMI but I feel like I am menstruating on behalf off all women in my zip code. Seriously, my first period post m/c is brutal
  • Nights are closing in
  • As much as I love that Linda Hunt is on prime time TV I just can’t bring myself to watch NCIS: Los Angeles


Posted: 08/27/2004 in daily life

My body is angry with me.

Ten days since my last yoga class and my joints are creaking, aching and in general grumbling. Days on end of eight hour shifts has me longing for an hour stretching and twisting myself out. So tomorrow morning I shall be waking up early and dragging my sorry self to a morning class.