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I feel like I am one of only two people (the other being my mum) who thoroughly enjoyed the volcanic eruption.  It gave me breathing space, my meals were cooked for me, my tiny capsule wardrobe washed and ironed, and plenty of time to revise the affects of another volcanic eruption (Pompeii!). It was a real treat to be home for a whole month (I haven’t spent that much time in the UK since January 2005). To spend all those nights drinking tea and watching TV with my mum. To be able to bake for her (and the stranded people in our London office), to “let her” drive me to Starbucks to buy multiple flat whites to sustain me through my revision, and of course  drag her to the cinema and theatre. I am such a good daughter – I do hope I get the larger half of the house in my mum’s will.

Being out of my bubble helped me make some decisions about what I hope to get out of the rest of 2010. It is always nice to make decision, and it is nice to be back sleeping in my own bed after a month on an air matress.

It’s been an odd week fueled by exam tension, second guessing, PMT and VAD (volcanic ash drama).   On Monday the situation looked particularly bleak so I decided to take myself out of the equation and not try to get back to NYC since I was meant to be flying to London on the 28th any way.  This of course led to a lot of second guessing and when almost everyone I knew who was stranded managed to fly back on Wednesday I had a real ‘doh’ moment. But you know what – I made the right call. Sure I’ve had to buy a load of replacement text books, and some clothes as I had only packed a very limited wardrobe for my 5 day sojourn. But, I won’t have to get over jet lag twice and it’s been fun working out of the London office.

Now I only have 3 days left to work before my exam leave starts, and I am feeling way less stressed than I normally do on these occasions.  Yes, I am daunted my the sheer amount of knowledge I need to cram in my head but at least I don’t have to schlep back and forwards across the Atlantic, and stress that the volcanic ash is going to drift to NYC and stop me from sitting my exams.

Greenwich Park

Posted: 04/17/2010 in travel
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Forgive the random photo at the end of my last post as I am still trying to get to grips with the WordPress app on my iPad. After being cooped up in meetings for what felt like days I really needed lots of fresh air and a good walk. So today mum and I headed to Greenwich Park for a wander around and a spot of lunch by the river. I’ve only got my old iPhone with me acting as life line to the outside world and camera but I downloaded this cool photo app called Hipstamic and it really jazzes up your photos.

My family moved to London when I was 8 or 9 and we lived 10 minutes from the best park in the whole of London – Greenwich Park. There are deer, flower gardens, old trees that Elizabeth the 1st played in, and plenty of spaces for having fun. There are also the most amazing views of London. From the hill at the top of the park you can see the Thames meander around the Docklands and beyond, the Maritime Museum and the Naval College (as was).


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I am currently trapped in London along with a fair number of my colleagues (and everyone else trying to depart this fair isle). I guess when the powers that be decided to schedule vision days they didn’t see as far as Iceland. A volcano goes poof in Iceland and the aviation industry grinds to a halt. Is this chaos theory or simple cause and effect? Honestly I think this is all being staged by meteorologists as part of their plan towards world domination. The last year was dominated by economics and economics, and this year it is the turn of weather and meteorologists (note- not weather-persons from the telly).

It’s a pretty surreal situation to be in. I see no ash yet it is there. Dancing in the atmosphere and keeping me from going home. But at least I can stay with my mum so I don’t have to worry about hotels though I would like to get home so I can spend some time with Alex before I go on exam leave in… wait for it… London!