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It is a very nice feeling to work something out for oneself. Not to have to resort to asking others or googling it. Even if the answer is quite straight forward, and obvious in hindsight, you can still have that momentary glow of smugness.

I’ve spent the day running errands all over Manhattan, and every neighbourhood I visited I came across a few people with charcoal smudges on their forehead (at their third eye point). This new craze afflicted all demographics – very puzzling. It being New York, and New York not being like any other city – this could have been anything. A publicity stunt, a mark of solidarity or the invasion of the body snatchers (where it marks those who have been replaced).

Incidentally, I too have a dark stain on my forehead, off centre though so I look like a wanna be. In a futile economic gesture I have returned to my natural hair colour as a sign of my commitment to fiscal responsibility. When I say “natural” colour I of course mean a few shades darker and I’ll still have to visit my hairdresser as often, but this way is slightly cheaper – I guess. Plus, I get to pretend to be a dark haired beauty instead of the beach bum I felt like with chunky blonde stripes. Perhaps full on brunette equals easier temp to place???

Back to my mystery, as I sat on subway it clicked. Doh – Ash Wednesday!