Separated by 3,000 years

Posted: 01/27/2004 in classics, daily life, Uncategorized
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As I was sat on my sofa trying to work through the latest topic on my classics course – ‘Agamemnon’ by Aeschylus (no I can’t pronounce it either), I had a sudden thought here am I studying translations of ancient Greek plays whilst my other half is happily typing away on the latest techy language…dot netty or something that sounds rather like an aged aunt. I retreat further into the past, he zooms into the future and I wonder do we balance each other out in the present?

V happy about the double win by ‘The Office’ and hoping that this might spur Cablevision along into including BBC America in there cable package.

  1. Past, Present, and Future

    Leah made a very interesting comment about the ironic situation we had this evening. This just get to show that

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