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I am so so happy that it is Christmas Eve, and that 2009 is almost put to bed. It was only a half day in the office, so I was able to meet up with Alex to watch a matinee of  ‘Up In The Air’. (Really enjoyed it.) Once we got home I buzzed about the kitchen prepping for tomorrow whilst we listened to a This American Life podcast. It was pure middle class bliss. I made another match of mince pies, this time I have the pastry recipe down and Alex is a much better roller than I am since my pie crusts were uneven and an inch thick. Then I moved on to making Smitten Kitchen’s winter fruit salad and Baked’s sour lemon buttermilk scones. With the scones I followed Smitten Kitchen’s advice and flash froze them so I can bake them straight from the freezer tomorrow morning.  And since the recipe yielded way more scones than we can eat in the morning I will have some tasty breakfast treats to look forward to. We will have the scones (plus tea) in bed whilst we open our Santa socks (and listen to Morning Edition), and then breakfast proper will be the winter fruit salad and Pioneer Woman’s savory bread pudding.  We are going to friends for an early Christmas dinner around 5pm so I need to make sure that we don’t go hungry and graze on mince pies all afternoon!

I am so happy happy to be on vacation for the next week. No big plans just plenty of cooking, eating, studying and watching Band of Brothers again.

Happy holidays, or to follow Richard Dawkins’ lead and celebrate the creation of the universe.


Posted: 12/24/2004 in daily life

A fitting article from the beeb, I think I fall into the category of a geek widow and I guess that would make Alex a film or narrative junkie widower (it always cuts both ways). Not that I am complaining, there are far worse things that your other half could get up to in the wee hours and I have never seen it as a point of conflict within our relationship. As long as you are honest about it. Of course it could be said that Alex has ‘converted’ me. I can’t imagine sharing a computer (don’t we all need our own one?), I no longer buy a daily paper (save trees read it online) and I have a blog because of him, but I still can’t play video games for toffee.

Why do the main stream think it sad if you stay up late programming, blogging or gaming but if you spent the same amount of time reading something they deem worthy, painting, writing or composing then it’s not an activity to be ashamed of but intellect at work.

What’s a girl to do…..

Posted: 11/22/2004 in daily life

After packing Alex off to work, I have briefly returned to bed to feel sorry for myself. It’s that time of the month where I feel that I am being hollowed out with a spoon. To cheer myself up I am iTuning some Joy Division and U2. Whilst I sing along, I can ponder on which box set should I purchase for Alex and I’s Thanks Giving entertainment extravaganza; StarWars, Indiana Jones or Die Hard? A tough call – any thoughts?


Posted: 11/03/2004 in daily life
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Needless to say this is a v bad day. To make matters worse I am hiding in the bathroom as Alex is dealing with another furry friend that has got trapped, I think a baby of the one that got dealt with yesterday. I think we can safely say I will not be EVER appearing on Fear Factor and that I am a huge cowardly custard.  On the other hand I am looking at Alex in a whole new light, my hero and an excellent strategist whose chess like placement of the glue traps is clearing this little problem up.  By the time the exterminator gets here next week he will hopefully just be sealing up holes to keep the little buggers out.

Bugger, I hear something else and Alex is taking the rubbish out…..whimper……


Posted: 11/02/2004 in daily life
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A little before seven o’clock this morning Alex turned to me and said “I don’t want you to freak out but……”. This had my alarm bells ringing for a number of reasons, mainly because Alex is not particularly communicative this early in the morning. The most I can generally expect at this time is a grunt, that can be translated to mean “You have all the covers and for my last few minutes in bed, before I have to go to my proper job in the city that pays the bills and buys you glittery nail polish, I am going to have my share of the covers and the bed”. So, I think to myself if he is starting a conversation this early it must be big news….. divorce, redundancy, maybe he has been masquerading as a trekkie all these years and it’s a LIE….. Nope, he qualified his opening remark with, “there was a rustling in the kitchen and I went to check it out and I saw…” before he even finished I had jumped in with a mouse!!!!! It turned out that we have both heard a scratching every now and again and it looks like the little bugger, hereafter referred to as Edmond, had broken through. Since we are on the fifth floor, I am assuming he is either a roof dwelling mouse or a fourth floor fella trying to move up in the world.

This could have been a lot worse; ants or cockroaches or a Republican president lurking under the sink. My OCD kicked in and I furiously attached the kitchen throwing out all the open packets in the cupboards (which didn’t result in much). Of course nothing in the cupboards had been nibbled, just the loaf of bread that Edmond had munched on in the wee hours which I had shamelessly left on the counter. In hindsight of course this was a smart move. So now our landlord is sending over a guy next week and I bought some sticky pads to put down in the mean time (an Alex job I think).

Now my beloved has just called to ask if I have seen Edmond upon my return from work and that we had to get this problem sorted as mice breed like tribbles. Sometimes I wonder which reality we are operating in…..


Posted: 10/29/2004 in daily life

Let’s get serious for a moment – who stole October from me, in particularly this week? I have looked down the back of the sofa and in the pockets of my old trousers but I can’t seem to locate where it could have got to. Apart from the zillion things I still have to do at home (especially filling out the shipping forms before Alex D I V O R C E S me), I also have many a fine post up my sleeve. Half a dozen films to bore you with (including a sneak peek at the new Bridget Jones flick), the results of a slightly ubiquitous book quiz and an epic diatribe about this seasons telly. Might have to set aside some quality time between my blog and I this weekend.

bleary eyed

Posted: 08/30/2004 in daily life
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I am trying to get to sleep. I notice that Alex has my latest blog up on his laptop, but why does he also have Ecto running, and why does it contain my raw blog entries. Calmly he replies ‘That there were some obvious spelling and grammatical errors’. Blow me if I haven’t wandered into 1984 territory were Big Brother is correcting other peoples personal and published work.

Alex, leave off my blog entries – other wise you will stand accused of blog invasion or perhaps blog r@pe. Not that my work is in the same league, but you don’t wander around the Met with a felt pen improving and correcting.

I have no problem with my lax use of grammar or my interesting take on spelling. It is my style, it is personal and what’s more I don’t change your entries to make them funnier so hands off!!!!