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Little Miss Forgetful

Posted: 03/31/2010 in Navel gazing
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I forgot my iPhone today. It was a bleak and lonely day without my little companion. No getting lost in the music as I walked. No tweeting, FaceBooking, or 4 Squaring.  No Words With Friends whilst I waited for the kettle to boil in the kitchen. No taking photos. It was a very one dimensional day. Things would happen and my first thought would be to tweet, and then I’d remember.  It was nothing life shattering just the regular day-to-day of seeing a weird environmental installation on Broadway, having my first (and last) iced almond milk latte and wanting to connect to others who are excited that Fringe is back tomorrow with an entire episode dealing with the “Peter” situation!

I felt a bit disconnected and out of the loop.

I was analogue for the day.


Posted: 08/14/2004 in technology
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The little green eyed monster within has been surfacing. I have been guilty of coveting thy neighbours’ fellow commuters’ ipod. The next gen are sassy and the mini ones sparkle like pretty sugared almond coloured gems. But, after some careful deliberation I think I prefer my classic one.


It appears that every Tom, Dick and Harry (or should that be Jack, Chloe and Joshua) is pounding the pavements with the trade mark white headphones and I think that being in possession of the vanilla version says I came to the party early. Or rather I have decided to start saving for a new bag instead!

cool bananas

Posted: 05/04/2004 in daily life, Music, technology
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Okay, I know nothing about software releases. Unless there is something that directly effects me (new buttons or colour scheme changes), they tend to pass me by….I can just see Alex nodding vigourously in agreement. Any way, what was my point…oh yes new ITunes – I am liking the party mix button 🙂

Update – the party mix is still going strong and it is like having radio Flaming Zinc minus an annoying DJ….