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Oh Syfy, you’ve managed to go and do it again haven’t you? Broken my heart but this time it’s for the last time (unless you team up with Ronald D. Moore again).

Caprica and Stargate: Universe were cancelled because there weren’t enough people watching them, and now Eureka got the chop because even though there were plenty of people watching it’s an expensive show to make. And from what I’ve read the team behind Eureka didn’t feel that they could keep the quality with the cuts. Kudos to the Eureka team for making that tough decision. Yes, I want more Eureka but I don’t want a poor imitation. Less funny, less quirky with wobbly sets.

Unlike the unceremonious cancellation of Caprica and SG:U at least Eureka is getting a long swan song. We still have 4-5 episodes of the fourth season, then a holiday special and the fifth and final season next year (currently being film). Syfy have even green lit an extra episode of the fifth season to allow the writers to tie things up. That is much better than the shoddy treatment of Caprica. Yes, I’m still bitter. I will always be bitter.

I was late to Eureka, and it was the delicious casting of James Callias that sucked me in. But as soon as I started to watch the back seasons I was sold. Loved the premise. Loved the cast. Loved the quirky humor and pro-science messaging. (It will be one of the few shows I’ll let the Cylons watch when they are old enough.)

I’m not sure if there is much that can be done to “save Eureka” but I’ll be making sure that I watch it live, and tweet/blog about it so the powers that be see that there is a huge fan base that are pissed. That there are Syfy fans that aren’t interested in ghosting and monster hunting “reality” shows, and most of all I will try not to get as invested in new Syfy as I don’t think I can take any more disappointment.

I lost most of last week to a bunch of doctors appointments. Between that and the up coming holidays I am starting to get behind in my school work so I am not a happy bunny. Throw in the news that Syfy has just canceled Stargate Universe apparently out of the blue as it wasn’t on the bubble then I am about as far removed from a joyous rabbit as you can get.

Seriously, what is up with Syfy at the moment? I feel like they are trying to remove the “space” element from their sci-fi rosta. First we loose Caprica and now SGU. Both shows explored dark themes with strong casts. And, SGU had Hamish MacBeth in space! He’s like the Scottish Eddie Olmos.  Are they only keeping shows where you can do fun holiday episodes? I love EUReKA as much as the next nerd who dreams of drinking lattes in Cafe Diem but I want drama like the Greeks invented. Conflict. People being haunted by the furies. Gender reversal. Individual vs. state.  And on that note I better get back to re-reading Antigone otherwise I will never catch-up.

I was going to blog about all the cooking I’ve been doing but I just saw on the Twitterverse that Caprica has been canceled and that makes me sad. I get that the ratings were low (even for basic cable) but it was such a good show. It was more than a show (*weep*) it was proper drama. Strong characters, thought provoking, group marriage, and cylons. CYLONS!

To make matters worse Syfy are pulling it from the schedule and we won’t see the final episodes till sometime in 2011, or fingers crossed earlier on DVD. This move pisses me off because it disrespects the fans, and the whole Caprica production family. Fine, you want your Tuesday night spot at 10pm back but for fraks sake let us see the final few episodes online for free or even via iTunes or Netflix. Give us some closure don’t leave us hanging. We care about the Adamas, Greystones and Sister Clarice. And what about Serge – who is going to look after Serge?

It’s deeply disappointing that there isn’t room on the Syfy roster for a show like this. That it could not be carried. That there wasn’t the option to give it a second season or even a tele-movie to wrap things up. Another nail in the coffin for meritocracy and another win for mediocrity.

So say we all.

The dog days of summer are dragging on (it’s still too warm and my course materials haven’t shipped yet) BUT tonight kicks off the fall TV season. Who cares if we are still running the AC and it’s not yet hot latte weather we can slump in front of the telly and watch something other than Food Network. Last week we switched over from Comcast to FIOS and that means having to reprogram in all the season passes:

Monday: Chuck & House (8pm), The Event (9pm) & Hawaii Five-0 (10pm)
Tuesday: NCIS (8pm), The Good Wife (9pm), Caprica & Stargate Universe (10pm)
Wednesday: Nothing – I honestly can’t face the 400th season of Hell’s Kitchen
Thursday: Fringe (9pm) & The Menalist (10pm)
Friday: Supernatural (9pm) & Blue Bloods (10pm)

There are only three new shows (The Event, Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods) that have piqued my interest. The Event has a solid cast and is intriguing but I have no faith in NBC, Hawaii 2.0 looks fun and has Boomer from Battlestar Galactica, and Blue Bloods has Donnie Wahlburg (the underrated Wahlburg brother in my opinion). Each show will be on parole and we’ll see who makes the cut.

Of the returning shows I am all a Comic-Con tingle about Chuck. Linda ‘Sarah Connor’ Hamilton is Chuck and Ellie’s mum, the Buy More has been taking over by the CIA, and SARAH CONNOR!!! Fringe left us on a knife edge with Olivia having been replaced by Alt-liva and the evil Walternate holding our Olivia. I’ve read that this season they will have alternating episodes between the two worlds. Fingers crossed. House seriously needs to up its game this season and please can we ditch Thirteen already. There doesn’t seem to be all that much love for the ‘Huddy’ entity but I am hopeful that it will shake things up (whether it works out or not).

I have a crush on everyone in The Good Wife. I love Kalinda (Archie Panjabi) for not being a stereotype and for her correct handling of fire arms. I love having Christine Baranski (Diane Lockhart) on primetime again and Alan Cummings. I love that Chris Noth doesn’t overshadow Julianna Margulies (Alicia Florrick). But most of all I love that Alicia is kicking ass and taking names. The Winchester brothers have been moved to Friday nights. Will this hurt Supernatural? It survived the last five seasons in a Thursday night death spot so I think it will be just fine with its niche fan boy following, but which direction will the new show runner take it in.

And finally, Caprica and Stargate Universe. These are dark, intelligent shows that need more people to watch them otherwise they won’t get much deserved second seasons.

The Good

  • Returning favorites: Chuck, Burn Notice & Psych. I loved the last 3 episodes of Chuck, though could do with more Casey (though not sure why a Col. is still  in the field that would have never happened in The Unit or in Bands of Brother). Clever handling of Intersect 2.0 so we get an upgraded but flawed Chuck but still waiting to see how they work in Subway.
  • Fresh blood: Human Target, Caprica, Pacific & Spartacus. I was impressed by the Caprica pilot; it has big shoes to fill after BSG but with the strong cast and writing I think it could turn into a worthy prequel.
  • I stopped watching 24 a couple of seasons ago as it just got too tired and predicable but am tempted to tune in this weekend as Jack will be tearing up NYC and Starbuck will be working CTU. Perhaps she can teach Jack about air-locking since water boarding is so 2009

The not-so-good

  • I quite like White Collar but I thought we’d find out more about the grafting side of cons and each episode leaves me a little disappointed
  • NBC has managed to create a hit drama with the fallout over late night chat show spots. Surely the simplest way to solve it would be create a new Law & Order franchise to run in the 10pm slot with all 3 late night talk show hosts.  Leno and Fallon can make up the experience-rookie cop partnership, and Conan can be the sharp tongued DA that we all prefer. That would leave Sam Waterson free to take over the Tonight Show

Stargate Universe is SyFy’s latest offering in the Stargate franchise,  it is a blend of Star Trek: Voyager, Battlestar Galactica & Lost in Space. The drama is centered around a group of refuges from the ill named Icarus project who find themselves stranded on a spaceship built by the Ancients. The group ended up on the spaceship ‘Destiny’ because they were fleeing an attack which may or may not have been triggered by them trying to switch on the Icarus project stargate in the first place, and when they did manage to boot up the stargate they ended up there. One of their many problems is that the Ancient’s ship is so ancient that it is not functioning properly, they can’t figure out how to get life support working and they are many light years away from Earth. But, if they only have a day of air left then that last point is moot.

It’s fraught and tense, plus there is a devious scientist (Hamish Macbeth himself Robert Carlyle) who is harboring many secrets and may have done this all on purpose. The opening sequences of the refuges being flung through the Stargate reminded me of the brutality of Battlestar Galactica episode ’33’ though it didn’t quite keep up the intensity through out. Overall I quite liked it, though I do realize that I am easy to please, and we’ll see how it develops over the next few weeks.