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  • Set sail for London tomorrow
  • Enjoying writing an essay on neighbourhoods in Pompeii but having to take MacBook to London to finish working on it
  • Managed to acquire Bumble & Bumble surf spray in time for trip so that I can have that tousled surfer look
  • Friday’s Caprica was excellent and I have the podcast to listen to


  • Still need to pack & my bag is very small but my warm clothes are very bulky
  • Trying to stay awake so that I will be tired enough to sleep on my cramped economy seat tomorrow night

Woo hoo

  • I love it when my mum IMs me, especially when I am at work, to update me about random stuff.  It’s like a long distance hug and it keeps me sane
  • Managed to find reasonably priced B&B for our trip to Montreal. This is quite an achievement as most places triple room rates over Grand Prix weekend
  • Reading Scandinavian mystery novels in bed with a hot water bottle
  • This weekend I have Daybreakers AND Q&A with Natalie Portman to look forward to


  • Two days back and my blood pressure is already rising
  • I shouldn’t complain about the cold as it is January after all but it is VERY cold and the apartment feels like a meat locker
  • I need to book theatre tickets and flight for sneaky trip to London
  • The day job is getting in the way of Words With Friends
  • Apartment feels too empty without Alex
  • I have two essays to start, and a seminar on the horizon


  • The Good Wife is ridiculously addictive
  • Countdown to the holidays is underway
  • Yoga at dawn
  • I can now spell misanthrope, and if NBC hadn’t have canceled Life I wouldn’t be able to see Damian Lewis


  • Not being able to spend Alex’s b’day with him
  • Golden Globes once again ignore Battlestar Galactica, Chuck, Life and all the cool shows I love
  • I need to refrain from moasting
  • Still have lots of things to mail for Christmas


  • Agatha Christie mysteries on BBC Radio 4
  • Count down to the holidays is in full swing
  • The week is going better than expected
  • Back in the yoga routine
  • Oatmeal with sliced almonds and dried fruit
  • Hot water bottles


  • It is freezing, and let’s face it’s only going to get colder
  • Dithering over booking theatre tickets
  • Looks like we may have to move (depending on what they put the rent up to)

Warm & Cosy

  • Had a fantastic visit from my mum & share more of the my city with her
  • Literacy in Pompeii seminar
  • iTunes U for commutes
  • Thinking about trip to London in March
  • Early night
  • Brooklyn Blackout Cake
  • Chocolate advent calendar & counting down to Christmas holidays
  • Silver nail polish
  • NPR

Cold & Grumpy

  • Newark Airport @ 6am
  • Winter cold
  • Twisted ankle & no yoga till it heels
  • Flat hat hair
  • Catching up with EVERYTHING
  • Having to lend “my” Kindle 1.0 to Alex after he left his on the plane & not having “my” Kindle makes me want to use it more


  • Managed to speak to both parental units today
  • FlashForward
  • Ordered the cutest Christmas cards ever from
  • Trip to the Windy City this weekend
  • AM yoga
  • Maternal Parental Unit will be here next week


Pas Bon

  • Am very bad about phoning family unless I need to get the Maternal Parental Unit to proof read stuff for work
  • Will barely see Alex in the Windy City (unless I sneak into his techie conferences)
  • Still tired from the weekend & it can only get worse
  • Everyone is leaving (apart from moi)
  • Freaky fall weather can only mean harsh winter ahead


  • Bear cubs
  • Halloween baking
  • More bear cubs
  • White Collar
  • Morning yoga
  • Building strength
  • NPR’s Morning Edition



  • Still waiting on refund check from hospital for overpayment
  • The new FaceBook – WTF is up with ‘Live Feed’ vs. ‘News Feed’? It should all be LIVE that is why I am on the INTERNET
  • Teeth feel funny
  • It’s dark & the clocks go back Sunday which will make it even darker
  • I am not allowed to keep bears on our balcony so no bear cub for me
  • My roots need doing