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I love lattes, flat whites, cappuccinos, french press and drip. Straight-up without any flavoring because nothing beats the taste of coffee with milk. Perfectly happy to make it at home but I also appreciate a decent coffee shop. In fact that morning coffee (with the occasional almond croissant) over the summer was one of the only things that helped me hold my shit together for as long as I did.  I found a lot of comfort in my secular java ritual: the friendly faces at La Colombe, the extra shot in their iced coffee, the calm before the storm and gripping the coffee cup as if it was a lucky talisman.

So it is fair to say that I am a slave to overpriced coffee with steam milk. When I was staying with my mum for my exams this year I got her to drive to the nearest Starbucks so I could buy two flat whites to bring home and fuel me through my revision.  That sounds really bad doesn’t it? Forcing my poor mother to drive me 20 minutes to get coffee but I swear those flat whites were the key to me acing my Pompeii exam (not the hours I spent memorizing gobbet pictures), and hopefully the next house she buys she’ll take distance-to-the-nearest-coffee-shop into consideration.

When I was walking back to the station after my lunch date I passed the Nespresso Cafe/Store on Spring Street. I’ve never really paid much attention to it as it sells those pod style coffee machines but I noticed that its cafe area was jam packed, and as I was ogling those inside (always on the look out for my next celeb sighting) I noticed the menu board and the prices. A latte in this place will set you back $6.50. I am sorry how much? And does that even include tax, and I’ll need to leave a tip AND is the coffee any good? Why would anyone pay $6.50 for a latte when there are half a dozen other cafes where you can get one for almost half of that price. The mind boggles (even for this java junkie) and I am guessing that this means the economic crisis is over.

Let’s just try & concentrate on the positive…

  • Snagged a $100 Amazon voucher through my office’s health & wellness program (all to be spent on school books)
  • After much research I managed to find snazzy travel mugs to be used in our new car
  • Since I have finished unpacking & cleaning I can finally paint my nails without the fear of premature chipping
  • I’ve got six topics to read through tonight whilst Alex is off with his new colleagues
  • Smitten Kitchen’s pear bread is amazing
  • Two days till Caprica
  • Made it to yoga so can be super lazy for the rest of the week
  • Over caffeinated  thanks to two trips to La Colombe today

Well, I just don’t know where to start.

I have been home from work for half an hour and all I have achieved is catching up with two episodes of the Archers and supping on my delicious pumpkin spice latte (which makes me feel very wizard like when I ask for it). I was about to listen to Woman’s Hour but I think I need something more up beat to get me going. So I now have Space’s Greatest Hits blearing out and it will shortly be followed by Scissor Sister.

I gotta list as long as my arm of things to do, study, watch and read. Aargghh. I think what we need is an extra day, squeeze it in between Wednesday and Thursday. A chance to breath and catch up. Now why can’t the politicians add that to their manifestos – it would get my vote!

BTW, quite a few of my friends have commented that they are disappointed by Kerry’s performance in the debates. Seeing him as the lesser of two evils and the new broom for a regime change. Whilst I am becoming even more enamoured by him and feel his controlled stance is to appeal to moderate Republicans. I was blown away by his answer on the abortion question. Not difficult to understand, just not a sound bite. Well, life is one big grey area that shouldn’t be boil down to a phrase that can be emblazoned on a tee shirt.

In an attempt to get ‘healthy’ this morning I opted for a skinny hazelnut latte instead of the full fat version but this seemed to confuse them and they topped it off with whipped cream and caramel.  I think they were worried I wasn’t getting enough calories!

I am stuck in Chaucer hell at the moment – the final part of my poetry module in my English Lit course has me reading The Miller’s Tale in the original middle English. The only way I can describe it is a dyslexic on acid!!!! So, I ended up procrastinating my day away yesterday and came up with this about my ipod (it’s not v good but at least short):

Shiny, white and fly,
You really caught my eye,
Glistening in the shop,
Just had to break and stop.

Lets hope I am more productive today and don’t start on an ode to TIVO!!!!!!