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Posted: 08/16/2004 in daily life

Aggie and Kim are coming to America to clean up.

I don’t think things have quite got bad enough to call them to our flat – even though this morning we were forced to break out the beach towels as I had got a tad behind with the laundry. Plus Alex was giving me his StarWars style ‘death stare’ over the mismatched socks that are breeding in his chest of drawers.

Oh well – he knew that i was solely a kitchen domestic diva rather than an all rounder before he married me. But, I must admit that his neatness has slowly rubbed off on me….who knows maybe in another decade I’ll see the point of dusting!

I am bored.

I am on hold.

I have been on the phone with Fed-Ex for 17 minutes and 38 seconds. It took me nearly 5 minutes to get through to a human – since there wasn’t an automated option for operator… I just kept repeating ‘raspberry’ when prompted for which service I wished and finally it gave up it’s line of defence and I got through.

So I now have fellow by the name of Dave to help – all I want to do is pick up the package they tried to deliver today at the mobile truck stop near the station. But, Dave refuses to believe me when I tell him this option exists. It is not on his computer screen therefore I am an eccentric British girl talking nonsense.

I am firm, but polite, when inform him that not only have a picked up zillions of packages there but that on Fed-Ex’s door tag it is listed as a pick option. Secretly, I want to tell him that the Eiffel Tower, leaning tower of Pisa or Big Ben are not listed on his monitor but they do exist.

He is now speaking to his supervisor.

I am trying to use my time productively….booking tickets for Fahrenheit 90/11, checking on my latest Amazon order and finding hotels in Boston.

All sorted – Dave has been informed of the code that goes with the mobile truck stop location so therefore it now exists.

Time wasted 23 minutes and 4 seconds….

dog ‘n’ bone

Posted: 04/27/2004 in daily life
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I have finally made a telephone cold caller hang up on me. I am thrilled.

The amount of calls I receive on a whole range of products, but primary credit cards, is new technique is just to keep repeating the phrases “I have no idea what you are talking about/I don’t understand a word you are saying” and they will get so frustrated that they give up 🙂

I used to try and be clever saying things like “If I am at home in the middle of the day do you really think you should be offering me credit?” but it was wasted….then I started pretending to be the cleaner but that was only a delaying tactic.

Years ago I read an article about a British family, that when answering cold calls would say “I am sorry I don’t speak French let me get someone who can understand you” and then they would pass it on to the French speaker of the family who would totally confuse them.

This was going to be a grumpy post – complaining that I our landlord called first thing this morning to let us know that he and the prodigal plumber were 20 minutes away! I leaped into action sprucing up the flat and got the bathroom ready so that our leaky bath taps could be fixed. But, it was well worth the inconvenience as I am no longer, slowly, going demented by the water torture drip drip drip and since we are no longer wasting hot water I could have a shower at full strength 🙂 What a great way to kick off the weekend……

I am beginning to think that the C of E use some Jedi training techniques (or at least The Archers script writers do). Alan was counselling Chris, about the aftermath of the fire, I sworn he was only a few steps away from saying “Use the force Luke Chris…”