Downtown @ The Knitting Factory

Posted: 03/05/2004 in Music, Radio
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Great gig last night, Paul Kelly was in top form and did a nice mix of old/new songs. The venue was small and rather hot by the end of the set. Many an antipodean audience but there were a few of us pommes 🙂 I keep trying to explain what type of music Paul Kelly plays and it’s hard to label it – I guess folk/rock is the closest. But that always gives me an imagine of ‘A Mighty Wind’! Which he definitely is not!

A capital episode of The Archers on Radio 4 yesterday – the evil Clive Horrobin breaking into George and Chris’s home and taking them hostage. We were left with Phil Archer saving the day, as he scared Clive away but Chris collapsed……..has the stress been too much for her?

  1. Daisy says:

    Another Archers fan in Blogland? Hooray! I was cheering for Clive Horribin though, hoping he’d put an end to that awful Chris Barford.

  2. jennifer c. says:

    Ahhh! The Knitting Factory!! That’s where Soul Coughing (mi grupo favorito, once upon a time) originated! Yay for the Knitting Factory!

    Now that I’ve raved about something not even pertaining to your post, I will stop.

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