• I’ve got over 2,000 words on my Antigone essay so tomorrow I just need to edit and tighten my argument(s)
  • Over lunch I listened to the latest episode of BBC Radio 4 comedy ‘Ed Reardon’s Week’ about a struggling and cantankerous writer so funny. Actual laugh out loud moments – his dealing with his “literary agent” Ping are gold!
  • Watched the latest episode of Showtime’s Episodes, and it still going strong in its crazy meta show-with-in-a-show. Kudos for them getting Matt Le Blanc to play an alternate version of himself and poke fun at Joey
  • A kitten called Sparta


  • The Good Wife lost out to watching Chopped live tonight as he-who-pays-the-rent makes the final decision (not really a “meh” as I can use TGW as my carrot tomorrow and I am kind of tired)
  • Yet another snow storm is heading this way. It’s like being trapped in Narnia – always winter and never Christmas
  • 9am hair appointment tomorrow which means an early start, and dependent on the weather (but I’ve got a Groupon and I can pick up egg custards from Chinatown so that is a win)
  • Feeling yuk because I am only working out once a week but trying to fit in long walks where possible, and sneaky Tracy Anderson arm workouts
  • Need to start drafting a post for my uni blog but all I can think about at the moment are my essays!

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