Things on Tuesday

Posted: 09/29/2009 in things on tuesday
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  • Yoga, SculptWorks & Pilates – the holy exercise triumvirate
  • Don Draper’s his ability to compartmentalize
  • Pumpkin spiced loaf with chocolate chips – delish!
  • Hoping with Alex out of the way part of the week I’ll be able to not only catch-up but also get ahead with my school work
  • Alexander McCall Smith & the latest installment of The Sunday Philosophy club series. Love that Isabel is a cougar


  • Duck & Peggy – eew!
  • Atlanta
  • Dreamt that I left my laptop outside and it rained
  • Feeling like I am getting behind in my school work even though school hasn’t even started officially
  • This is TMI but I feel like I am menstruating on behalf off all women in my zip code. Seriously, my first period post m/c is brutal
  • Nights are closing in
  • As much as I love that Linda Hunt is on prime time TV I just can’t bring myself to watch NCIS: Los Angeles

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