Woo hoo

  • I love it when my mum IMs me, especially when I am at work, to update me about random stuff.  It’s like a long distance hug and it keeps me sane
  • Managed to find reasonably priced B&B for our trip to Montreal. This is quite an achievement as most places triple room rates over Grand Prix weekend
  • Reading Scandinavian mystery novels in bed with a hot water bottle
  • This weekend I have Daybreakers AND Q&A with Natalie Portman to look forward to


  • Two days back and my blood pressure is already rising
  • I shouldn’t complain about the cold as it is January after all but it is VERY cold and the apartment feels like a meat locker
  • I need to book theatre tickets and flight for sneaky trip to London
  • The day job is getting in the way of Words With Friends
  • Apartment feels too empty without Alex
  • I have two essays to start, and a seminar on the horizon

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