double edged sword

Posted: 03/28/2006 in Daily Grumbling

My head hurts.

The provisional (that word still makes me think of the IRA) exam timetable for college has been released. I had been given the impression that the exams would take place in the first two weeks of May, instead I have three exams spread over the whole of May (2nd, 11th and 22nd). Ten days between each exam. On the one hand this is good, plenty of time to revise and cram, but on the other I will have to make three trips to London. Hmmmm.

With a little jiggery-pokery I can plan my trips so that I only need to take six vacation days from work, and I will have three weekends to spend with family and friends. But, I will still be spending too much time contorted in economy. I am sure my mum will worry about DVT and will be sprinkling ground aspirin on all my meals.


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