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There are only two purposes to most ‘Must Read’ book lists to make people either feel smug  or inadequate – dependent on how many you have read (or have pretended to read). At the weekend my twitter feed was full of re-tweets of the Guardian’s ‘The 100 Greatest Non-Fiction List’. I figured that I’d fair badly but this was a really mean list, and the comments seem to back it up. Samuel Pepys, Gertrude Stein, Herodotus, Samuel Johnson, Freud, Plato, Sun Tzu, and Stephen Hawking are not for the lay reader. Hell I’ve just finish a Classics degree and I’ve only read extracts of Herodotus (and as many of the commentators pointed out it was generous of the list builders to include him since he mixes a fair amount of fiction in his historiography) and Alex got through ‘A Brief History of Time’ because he majored in Physics. Out of 100 books only three books from the last decade. It’s not really an accessible or even a gateway list to promote reading more non-fiction which makes me sad. My thoughts on how to lift the list:

And what about the recent trend of histories of cities or objects? I think the Guardian Book dept. could have done better.


There are many television shows that have claimed to be ‘the smartest show’. A cut above the rest. Dialogue that gets your blood pumping as if you were watching a high end thriller or action flick. A plot so diluted, that it has more twists and turns than a twisty turny thing. ER and The West Wing, used to get my hemoglobin flowing, but of late I feel that there is something missing. Of course I am slightly biased against a certain network for canceling Boomtown. Which, had it been left to mature could have reviatilised the flagging crime genre. The excellent Neal McDonough deserves better than Medical Investigations, which was mediocre until House went and tsunami them.

So I hereby name The Wire and House, as my top choices. I will rush home to watch them, listen carefully so that I don’t miss anything and am left exhausted when they are over, as I feel they have given little grey cells a workout.

NB. It is just a happy coincident that both shows are lead by hot Brits 🙂