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I’ve had the lyrics to ‘Soft Kitty‘ stuck in my head all day. Not really that surprising given that the last few months have been devoted to watching the first and second seasons of The Big Bang Theory. I cannot stress how much we love Sheldon et al.

I started dipping into BBT last season but then I decided to watch from the first season onwards, and Alex started to watch it with me. This is huge as Alex is really picky about what TV he watches but somehow a non-mean comedy about physicists who love sci-fi and pop culture tickled his fancy. Also, how awesome a character is Penny? I love how she holds her own against the boys, and doesn’t let them get away with any crap.

I started teasing Alex that he was a little bit like Sheldon or as I like to call him “Sheldon-lite”. For a starter Alex gets all the physics jokes, and I mean all of them. (It’s great Alex is able to put his physics degree to use in this manner.) Then there is the way Sheldon corrects and/or offers additional information to conversations. Try watching a documentary with Alex on pretty much any subject barring the arts (though he’s got a good grasp of Classics now) and you’ll notice that at some point he’ll start pointing things out before the commentary has a chance or he’ll end up correcting them. I love it. LOVE IT! I married a polymath who is also good at sports – I win!

There is also an “other worldliness” quality about Sheldon that forces him to question many social customs/norms that most of us take for granted, and whilst Alex isn’t totally like that he is a little bit. Because Alex grew-up in Hong Kong in a different culture he sometimes has a different view of social customs/norms (see our stand-off over middle names) and he can see where Sheldon is coming from on many issues, e.g. the circular nature of gift giving.

Then there is the Sheldon look or stare, and there is a great laundry scene that sums it up. Penny comes upon Sheldon in the laundry room and starts to help him fold his clothes. She picks up his socks and rolls over the tops to pair them into a ball, and Sheldon gives her this look as if she is mad and un-balls them and folds them over. I’ve been there in that exact scenario with that look from Alex when I rolled up his socks to be useful. I believe I may have even had a lecture on benefits of folding them to extent the life of the elastic in the ankle.

One thing Alex definitely doesn’t have is Sheldon’s social awkwardness and his love of routine (e.g. sitting in the same spot, eating the same food on certain days). In some ways I’m more like that part of Sheldon so perhaps between the both of us we make a whole “Sheldon”.