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Had a rather lazy Sunday (I think we might have overdosed on Nigella Kitchen, Top Chef and Next Iron Chef – if too much gastro-telly is possible), and now it is Monday and time to start the week again. Since it’s Thanksgiving I’ve got a lot of things going on, so to try and stay focused (and not get sucked into a Eureka marathon on Netflix instant) I’d make a list:

  • 75 cookies to bake as a favor for a friend
  • Attempt to secure ComCon tickets
  • Work on 2011 calendar and Christmas cards
  • Watch Robin Hood (Netflix rental lingering on the coffee table)
  • Finish mittens & start on the next project
  • Make mincemeat & first batch of pies (going to bake & freeze)
  • Locate hazelnut liqueur for tiramisu for Thanksgiving desert
  • Bake pumpkin chocolate chip bread as a favor for another friend
  • Read (and enjoy!) Lucan’s Civil War
  • Prep for seminars on women in Aristophanes comedies, Pliny’s letters on his wife’s miscarriage, and Aeschylus’ Oresteia trilogy
  • Start (online) Christmas shopping
  • Survive hair cut and color at the hands of an Aveda student

I came up with a few goals for the summer because what is three months off studying without a some structure. I like organized fun people – I’m a capricorn.

– Jog for 20 minutes
I am not a huge fan of cardio. I walk a lot and take pilates classes but the treadmill is an undiscovered country. But, I know that cardio is good and I feel that I should at least be able to run for 20 minutes without my legs turning to jelly. I started out by doing walk-run-walk-run for a few minutes of each and today I managed 15 mins of a continous jog. (Of course afterwards I collapsed and I will feel it tomorrow.)
– Read 12 books
So far I’ve read 8 books: The Slap, The Millennium Trilogy by Stig Larsson, An Education by Lynn Barber, The Mapping of Love & Death by Jacqueline Winspear, The Importance of Being Seven by Alexander McCall Smith and Exit Music by Ian Rankin.
– Gut my wardrobe
When we moved flats I lost the walk-in wardrobe and about 50% of storage space. I really need the cull my clothes because there just isn’t the space to hold on to those items that I might one day wear again. So far I haven’t tackled this project. I have a feeling it might be done at the end of the season when I am switching over to my fall-winter clothes (which I also have to cull).
-Get through my Netflix queue
I upped my membership to two discs at a time but I am still fairly slow to watch stuff but at least I am getting more use out of Netflix Instant thanks to Leverage.
– Learn how to make macaroons
When I was in London I discovered macaroons from Paul’s bakery chain and oh my word they are delish. I haven’t started on this challenge yet because the summer heat makes it unbearable to have the oven on.


Posted: 09/03/2004 in daily life

I have five days off work. Five whole days. I am so chuft. But, I have so many things to do that I am sure that time will whiz past in a flash if I don’t have a plan. So here it is:

My Plan

* Finish the terribly dull Passage to India.
* Complete my out standing economic and sociology assignments.
* Oh, and try to finish the units of work I am currently stagnating over.
* Catch up on overloaded TiVo.
* Watch the BBC serialisation of Vanity Fair before I see the new film version.
* Get our paperwork sorted and filed in our shiny new filing cabinet.
* Put my arse in gear and fill out the forms to ship our lingering belongings across the pond, get duplicate copies my missing certificates and my exam entry forms.
* Start my latest knitting project.
* Try to fit in some culture (the new Inspector Lynley mysteries on PBS don’t count) and go to a gallery.
* Listen to Radio 4 whilst I do everything above.
* Start to think about Christmas!

Since it’s the labour day long weekend I get to spend three of the days staring at the back of Alex’s head as he programmes the days (and nights away). I am off to get a manicure/pedicure because I don’t have to wash a single, bloody blender for the next FIVE days!