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I am in the midst of trying to figure lots of little things out. For instance, I am sorely tempted to sign up for a Greek tragedy course at The New School’s Summer Continuing Ed program. It should fill in the blanks for my Greek Drama course that I ended up doing an 11th hour deferral. But on the other side I am loathed to give up two evenings a week when I am so time poor over the course of the year. Also, I have a stack of secondary reading to help me ‘fill in the blanks’ and I’d really like to go to LA to explore Getty Villa in Malibu. It’s a cornucopia of Greek and roman art plus they have an exhibit on Greek theater starting in late August & planned production of Electra in their outdoor amphitheater. Oh my which direction to go in. I feel I am leaning towards LA at the moment…

Then there is trying to decide what to do this weekend. Now we have the car we are free to roam but where to go. Alex suggested driving up to West Point so we could take a tour of the military academy and the museum but wanted me to find somewhere to eat. A friend suggested CIA but their restaurants are closed over the holiday weekend so perhaps worth deferring our day trip to when they are open. So what to do this Saturday? Perhaps a trip to the American Natural History Museum and the Hayden Planetarium to get some prep work in before the World Science Festival.