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I came up with a few goals for the summer because what is three months off studying without a some structure. I like organized fun people – I’m a capricorn.

– Jog for 20 minutes
I am not a huge fan of cardio. I walk a lot and take pilates classes but the treadmill is an undiscovered country. But, I know that cardio is good and I feel that I should at least be able to run for 20 minutes without my legs turning to jelly. I started out by doing walk-run-walk-run for a few minutes of each and today I managed 15 mins of a continous jog. (Of course afterwards I collapsed and I will feel it tomorrow.)
– Read 12 books
So far I’ve read 8 books: The Slap, The Millennium Trilogy by Stig Larsson, An Education by Lynn Barber, The Mapping of Love & Death by Jacqueline Winspear, The Importance of Being Seven by Alexander McCall Smith and Exit Music by Ian Rankin.
– Gut my wardrobe
When we moved flats I lost the walk-in wardrobe and about 50% of storage space. I really need the cull my clothes because there just isn’t the space to hold on to those items that I might one day wear again. So far I haven’t tackled this project. I have a feeling it might be done at the end of the season when I am switching over to my fall-winter clothes (which I also have to cull).
-Get through my Netflix queue
I upped my membership to two discs at a time but I am still fairly slow to watch stuff but at least I am getting more use out of Netflix Instant thanks to Leverage.
– Learn how to make macaroons
When I was in London I discovered macaroons from Paul’s bakery chain and oh my word they are delish. I haven’t started on this challenge yet because the summer heat makes it unbearable to have the oven on.


I am part of a low-rent cult. The cult of the pedometer. Through work I have access to a fabulous health and wellness benefit: Virgin HealthMiles. Wear your pedometer,  stay active and the rewards come flooding in.  To make things more interesting there are challenges throughout the year.  Our office just started one last week and everyone has gone into hyper competitive mode.  Instead of being an individual challenge with each of us trying to garner as many steps of possible we have been put into pairs, and the team that gets the highest daily average will win.

This ‘highest daily average’ is killing me. Normally I can get enough steps Monday through Friday so that I can be in a vegetative state on the weekends, but oh no now I have to do stuff on the weekend. Go out. Walkabout. Take a zillion steps. Tomorrow I am planning a trip to the Doughnut Plant (over a mile from the office and yes I get the irony) and on Friday I’ll be walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to an event in Dumbo. Normally I average 12,000 on a weekday but at the moment I am trying to push it to 15,000-18,000 so that I can have a wee bit of vegging time on the weekends. Role on the end of June when this will be over.