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I find myself wanting to exist in two homes at once: one lined with books and the other spacious and minimal. It is possible to have both if you have a large enough home except the reality is that I live in a one bed flat and can’t see myself living in anything bigger than a two bed in the next five years. Earlier this year we moved from a fairly large one bed flat to a smaller one bed, and since I’ve been at home more I’ve really started to feel the walls closing in on me. I am such a pack rat that it’s all my own fault. How can you feel anything but cramped when surrounded by over six hundred books?

So last week I made the snap decision to de-clutter through a radical de-booking, and that brought me more inline with the way Alex has been thinking about his books for a while. Part of me had wanted to keep them for my future offspring but when I thought about it more I realized that by the time I have any offspring reading technological will have moved on (we are already living in the age of Kindles and iPads – what’s next?). They’ll look at a paper book as something archaic like a stone tablet chiseled with Linear B (which lets be honest was a fairly cumbersome and inefficient way to transport content rather like our own traditional books).

On Friday I packed up the books, and then forced poor Alex to spend the weekend dropping them off at various non-profits. Now I have two bookcases to get rid of and will make my first foray on to Craig’s List. But ‘Project: De-clutter’ is not over I have started working on my closet and the rest of the flat.