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My brother used to be a fair weather cyclist, on a sunny day he might dust off his bike and meet his mates for a drink. Back then his bike was just a tool for getting from A to B and it didn’t seem to bother him when it was left rotting in the back garden.

All that changed when he started going out with his cycle enthusiast girlfriend.

He got a new, ultra light model with suspension. The house is littered with mountain bike life style magazines, greasy cogs and chains and piles of neon Lycra or polyester clothing. Now, I am glad he has a hobby other than festering away in his bedroom playing computer games but what bugs me is that his bike is now a permanent fixture in the hallway.

Yes, he does cycle to and fro the station on weekdays and goes off on jaunts at the weekend but the hall way is only 92cm wide and his handle bars occupy 62cm. If I am fed up of limbo dancing around it after only a week – how does my poor mum feel about it?

Today he took delivery of a new frame, apparently a bargain that he could not turn down….but where is it going to live? I am half tempted to buy a couple of D locks and some tarp (as I am not all heartless) and attach it to the railings out side…..