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My mum arrived last week for a Thanksgiving visit, and I’ve been trying to show her different parts to the city. On Saturday we took a Context Travel walking tour of Brooklyn which was was fabulous. Learnt a lot about the history of Brooklyn and its relationship to Manhattan. The weather was so good we were able to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and Alex took a few nice snaps.  Sunday it was a trip to WholeFoods in Tribeca as I needed to run a few errands, mum enjoys looking at all the fresh produce  (Wholefoods turns produce into an artistic displays that lure you in to spending so much more money) and then a Mad Men marathon. Today is my only day in the office this week (yippee!) but I have managed to schedule 5 hrs of meetings and I have a to-do list as long as my arm. We shall see how much I manage to get done but I can’t wait for the rest of week and sightseeing with mum. Lots of cool things planned like lunch at Balathazars, walking the High Line, Chelsea Markets, Tim Burton exhibit at MoMA, and an off-off Broadway production of Agamemnon (okay that’s more a me thing). Hopefully we’ll have some time for a few films as well.