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Not only is this my first weekend in about a month where I haven’t had to pack, de-clutter, clean and unpack but TV is hotting up again after the hiatus that was the Winter Olympics so the DVD is bursting at the seams again. Just in time to distract me from my impending exams (10 weeks and counting) me thinks.

Chuck is back, and the Superman alumni are not annoying or threatening to our triumvirate.  ‘Chuck vs. The Fake Name’ was fab especially because Casey was made, Chuck had to torture him and the mysterious ‘Alex Coburn’ back story. Is this a Casey alias? Though, Sarah revealing her real name to Shaw and not Chuck was heart breaking especially as he saw it all. Is there hope for our star crossed-spies?

I honestly did not think The Good Wife could get any better, until Alan Cummings started guest starring. He is smoking the rest of the players in “Camp Peter”, and playful enough to engage with Alicia without her clamming up. Lovin’ it. Talking of guest stars on Friday James Marsters started his story arc on Caprica. Spike from Buffy is playing a monotheistic crusader, and I cannot wait to see him go head-to-head with Sister Clarice.

Too many distracts!