Thank You One and All

Posted: 08/15/2011 in classics
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I got my exam results a few weeks ago and I tweeted, IM’d, FaceTimed, emailed and FaceBook’d – hell I even went on LinkedIn! But what I haven’t done so far is blog or had a full on celebratory meal as there is a bit too much going on at the moment and I’m on a restricted diet.

I did really well in my May exams, and I am graduating with an upper second honors degree in Classical Studies. This means dyslexic Cinderella can apply for graduate school in the future – not right now obviously.  I am really really happy. It’s been a hard slog (six years and five of them working full time) but I got there in the end, and it’s worth saying a few thank yous as I would never have got here without some amazing support.

Thank you Alex for supporting me on this crazy journey. For allowing me to ignore you for significant chunks of the year, for high jacking our vacations and forcing you to look at Roman ruins or dragging you around museums or for the infamous hike up Vesuvius in 100F weather. But at least you have a good grasp of Greek and Roman history and art now; and just as an aside thank you for not balking when I announced that I was planning on learning Latin and teaching it to the Cylons.

Thank you Mum for encouraging (if not enabling) my love of all things classical over the years. For looking after me when I would rock up to London every May to sit my exams and took over your spare room. For bringing me endless cups of decaf tea and snacks. For driving miles for me to pick up a flat white (possibly the greatest coffee ever). For going to study days at the British Museum, and hit or miss productions of Greek tragedy and comedy (more hit than miss) all over the UK. And thank you for offering to learn Latin so that I could practice by emailing you.

Thank you Stephen for being a great friend as we both persevered through the uncharted territories of the Virtual Learning Environment and experienced a wide range of tutor support (the good, the bad and the one who was based in the middle of nowheresville China with no access to the internet). Distance learning can be lonely but knowing someone made it much more fun, and now we can both graduate and wear tweed with pride!

Thank you to the amazing tutors that I had over the years. Those like Dr. Joanne Berry, Dr. James Tuck and Dr. Sharon Shellock who went beyond the parameters that were laid out for online tutors.

Thank you to my Dad for always being willing to meet me for a post-exam coffee at The British Museum, and to Beverly at the Adult Education College in Bexley who way back in early 2003/4 accommodated me as an external student in sitting A-levels so I could test the water for going back to school.

Thank you one and all!

  1. lauowolf says:

    Exciting and wonderful!!!
    Gigantic congratulations!

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