Dear Syfy, you are not breaking my heart again

Posted: 08/12/2011 in television
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Oh Syfy, you’ve managed to go and do it again haven’t you? Broken my heart but this time it’s for the last time (unless you team up with Ronald D. Moore again).

Caprica and Stargate: Universe were cancelled because there weren’t enough people watching them, and now Eureka got the chop because even though there were plenty of people watching it’s an expensive show to make. And from what I’ve read the team behind Eureka didn’t feel that they could keep the quality with the cuts. Kudos to the Eureka team for making that tough decision. Yes, I want more Eureka but I don’t want a poor imitation. Less funny, less quirky with wobbly sets.

Unlike the unceremonious cancellation of Caprica and SG:U at least Eureka is getting a long swan song. We still have 4-5 episodes of the fourth season, then a holiday special and the fifth and final season next year (currently being film). Syfy have even green lit an extra episode of the fifth season to allow the writers to tie things up. That is much better than the shoddy treatment of Caprica. Yes, I’m still bitter. I will always be bitter.

I was late to Eureka, and it was the delicious casting of James Callias that sucked me in. But as soon as I started to watch the back seasons I was sold. Loved the premise. Loved the cast. Loved the quirky humor and pro-science messaging. (It will be one of the few shows I’ll let the Cylons watch when they are old enough.)

I’m not sure if there is much that can be done to “save Eureka” but I’ll be making sure that I watch it live, and tweet/blog about it so the powers that be see that there is a huge fan base that are pissed. That there are Syfy fans that aren’t interested in ghosting and monster hunting “reality” shows, and most of all I will try not to get as invested in new Syfy as I don’t think I can take any more disappointment.

  1. Gavin5001 says:

    Suppose every series has to come to an end at some point. Still gutted about it. Will watch the remaining eps live but I live in England and they don’t take into account overseas viewers. Will keep tweeting # saveeureka and I have posted the link to the twitition on Eureka’s wikipedia page. A few small things that I hope may make a difference.

    • Leah Hung says:

      It’s a real shame they don’t take into account other markets but as you say all series have to come to an end eventually I just feel like Eureka had plenty of other story lines to explore especially after the time line reset.

  2. BookishlyFab says:

    Well, I don’t have cable, but I’d pay to watch Eureka. I have to wait until the end of the season to see the rest of the episodes because they only post the first two episodes online after airing. It’s frustrating because I’m watching commercials when I watch online, but they are not taking my viewing into account when making decisions. They really need to come up with something better than cable in its current form or TV will become all reality TV and Mad Men clones (if the new fall season is any indication). It’s about time for SyFy to change their name to “Wrestling with Ghosts” or something like that.

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