I am still a devotee to USA Network, and enjoying White Collar, Covert Affairs, Burn Notice and Royal Pains.  They are all very silly: rat pack con man helping out the FBI, ex-Coyote Ugly gal spies for the CIA with her blind side-kick, burnt spy sets up A-Team in Miami, and doctor makes house calls to the working class of the Hamptons. Candy floss TV at its best.

I haven’t been bothered to watch either Falling Skies or Outcasts. Falling Skies got so-so reviews, and from what I’ve read is fairly forumalic. With Outcasts I accidentally read a spoiler and I found out that the one cast member I was most excited about being in this series dies in the first episode. Given how prominently he featured in the promos that was a total bait and switch. Leverage episodes are piling up on the DVR as I want to finish watching season 3 first, and I’m hoping that the new Torchwood epis will end up on Netflix before too long.

Eureka is probably the show I am enjoying the most. The crazy adventures of the scientists in Eureka, and good old sheriff Jack trying to keep up and fix all their messes. It’s such a cute nerd fest, and funny. I’ve started to dip into Warehouse 13 but I am not sure about Alphas. Two episodes in, and I fear it will end up going to the way of Heroes. I don’t really care about any of the characters or their super powers. The flip side of Alphas is Haven which has such well drawn out characters, and a solid underlying mystery that it is worth staying up for.

And finally PBS/BBC’s Zen about the Italian detective Aurelio Zen. My word those Italian cops are corrupt but so well dressed and good to their mammas. Loving Rufus Sewell as Zen who because he is a Venetian is not fully accepted by his Roman colleagues. It’s beautifully shot in Rome and I can almost taste all the espressos being consumed. It’s a shame that the BBC cancelled it so we will only get three episodes.


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