seven days

Posted: 07/19/2011 in classics, studying

That’s how long I have to wait till I get my final exam results. Eeeekkkk. And, I realized this morning that it’s also my one year anniversary for handing in my notice, and leaving the job that very nearly finished me off. I am trying to workout if this makes it an auspicious day or not.

It’s been quite a year, and I am excited (and sad) to be finally putting the Classical Studies degree to bed, and thanks to impending twin parenthood my plans for the next few years are a little bit more up in the air. As Alex pointed out I will have new responsibilities that will take priority (and these Cylons better be cute to make all this worthwhile), and it would be great if in year I could have figured out something I could do from home to bring in an additional income.  To keep my hand in so to speak.

I would still love to do a Classics MA (and I’m getting quite into sociology) but I don’t really want to rack up debt unless it’s going to lead to a real career change. If I’m doing it for my ego and the joy of learning then I might as well look to a distance MA that is cost effective, and balances better with family life.

Ideally, I want to be able to be at home for as long as possible but I also want to be able to re-enter the job market with skills that are going to be relevant but I also want to make sure that my next career is something that I really enjoy as I’ll probably be doing it for a really long time. Everything just got a lot more complicated but wonderful at the same time. Fun times ahead, and lots of things still to be learnt.

  1. Stephen says:

    Well, if it helps, I just dreamt you’d already got your results and you’d done amazingly well. Even though they were for your two language modules. That then triggered an entire dream about trying to find my results while being delayed by the sea blocking paths and getting generally lost. As you can see, it’s not playing on my mind at all.

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