The Killing

I haven’t seen the original Danish series that AMC’s The Killing is based on but given the amount of buzz it got when it aired in the UK earlier this year I am guessing it’s better than the lackluster adaptation that just finished airing over here. I’m holding out ordering it from in case Netflix gets the rights to stream it – which I think would be a REALLY good idea.

For a taut police drama there was a shocking lack of you know police work. The first few episodes built the tension and there were some nice twisty-turny bits but then it slowed down into a rainy kitchen sink drama about what a crap mother and finance Linden was and how shady her police partner Holder was acting. Ugh. The political sub-plot was far from gripping. Did we really care if the current mayor stopped the funding his rival candidate’s (Richmond) after school sports program? Er no.

Not even cameo appearances from Battlestar Galactica’s Leoben (Linden’s fiance who is waiting for her in Sonoma) and Helo (her errant ex-husband) could pep things up. Perhaps it was all the overcast skies and rain that brought the writers and cast down as it was set in Vancouver Seattle. My take away highlight from the entire series was that for one scene they filmed in the gorgeous house that the Graystone’s lived in in Caprica – I was holding out hope that I might see Serge.

The pace did finally pick up in the last episode but the ending was so awful – it was not a cliffhanger it was a cop out. I don’t care who killed Rosie Larsen or is setting up the politician. I’m done especially since AMC cancelled last summer’s Rubicon which had a much more engaging cast and complex plot I guess they decided to dumb things down this year.

Top Chef Masters: Season 3

I love Top Chef, and the past two seasons of Top Chef Masters have been pretty good too but this season lost it’s mojo. There was a lack of contestants with personality – they are all good people but there were no Jonathan Waxman like characters. A big deal was made of Curtis Stone taking over hosting duties from Kelly Choi but let’s be honest neither of them are in Padma’s league so it’s something of a moot point. The challenges were interesting enough but what I think really let the season down was the changes to the panel. Happy that Gael Greene was parked but dropping the scoring was a mistake. In previous Top Chef Masters seasons the panel had to give proper critiques and score the chefs’ efforts. Maybe it was the editing but it felt like there was less talk of the food and techniques. I think it might be time to retire this spin-off.


Oh god Treme was just too fraking slow,  jam packed with really annoying characters, and felt like a dull social studies lesson. Set in New Orleans post-Katrina it follows way too many people as they rebuild their lives. We made it through three episodes and then decided to quit before we slipped into a coma. Didn’t care about John Goodman’s angry English professor or his wife (the overly earnest lawyer using her car as a mobile filing cabinet) or their daughter whingeing about having to go to boarding school in Baton Rouge.  I do hope the lady who owns the bar gets her roof fixed but she should probably stop paying the errant roofer until he finishes the job, and her ex-husband is such an arse why are all these women lining up to make him their baby daddy? And don’t even get me started on the hipster musician with ironic facial hair who treats everyone with contempt because they do not truly appreciate NOLA culture, and music like he does. Arrgghhh.


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