Things on Tuesday

Posted: 03/15/2011 in things on tuesday
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  • Last night’s Chuck slayed it when Chuck disarmed a bomb with apple juice and Awesome’s pep talk to Mrs. Awesome
  • Remembered choc cake in freezer (am turning into a squirrel ferreting food away)
  • Caught up with two seminars so only one left to tackle tomorrow before essay time
  • Chinatown lunch date tomorrow


  • Day light saving has kicked my ass
  • Might need to find a new chiro as I’ve got intermittent hip pain that wakes me at 4am
  • Exam panic
  • Why has The Event not been canceled?
  1. BookishlyFab says:

    I think I have 6 episodes of Chuck on the TiVo. I really need to get around to watching those. Freezer chocolate cake is good.

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