Do TV Shows Need Term Limits?

Posted: 11/25/2010 in television, Uncategorized
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Last week it was announced that Fringe is moving to Friday night, and the Twitterverse let out a collective groan as it is where good TV shows go to die. Fringe is in it’s third season, we are only now really digging into the whole parallel universe thing and finding out just how truly evil Walternate is (and how totally awesome John Noble is for pulling off the twin Walters and showing hipsters how to rock the original boyfriend cardigan). So will Friday night really be a death blow to Fringe? Would it really be that bad if Fringe only had one more season? I’d much rather it end with a strong fourth season that wraps everything up than it morph into a so-so TV show that limps on into endless formulaic seasons.

My beloved House is in its seventh season and needs to be euthanized. It’s still strong in the ratings but story-wise it has entered yawnsville. Sometimes I’ll catch the early House episodes (especially ‘Three Stories’) in syndication, and they make me sad because the later seasons are such pale imitations. It is hard to pin point when things took a nose dive because every couple of seasons there’s an episode that hints at a resurrection. Most people think that it jump the shark when House fired his original team at the end of season three. But, I don’t think so – the addition of Cut Throat Bitch was a breathe of fresh air when she was alive and even more so when she came back to haunt House.  This season Alex has pretty much stopped watching it and I am probably not that far behind him especially after its recent treatment of guest stars. I got so excited about Dylan Baker but then the powers that be wasted him on being a CDC drone.  So disappointing considering that The Good Wife had him playing such a twisted character than everything else feels so vanilla and dull.

As much as I love House I really do wish they would either start winding things down at Princeton Plansboro or figure out how to get the snarky House back.


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