In honor of having passed Meg Ryan on the street today (and if you are interested she looked she looked rock star cool all in black with a curly short blonde bob) here are my top five, in no particular order, of her movies:

  • When Harry Met Sally – I am going to bypass Ryan’s early girlfriend efforts (Top Gun and Innerspace) and go straight for the good stuff.  How can you not love her as the high maintenance Sally, and her magnificent ordering style. It is the quintessential relationship film with an amazing cast, and yes Carrie Fisher does steal every scene she is in.
  • French Kiss – Out of all of Ryan’s rom-coms of the 90s (Sleepless in Seattle, Addicted to Love, You’ve Got Mail, etc) French Kiss is my favorite. Ryan is her usual kookie self but she really shines playing off Kevin Kline and by transporting the rom-com to France it shakes things up a bit. Yes – it is pretty formulaic but when you throw in vineyards, petty French criminals and Jean Reno I think it more than beats mopey in Seattle.
  • City of Angels – I’ve only actually seen this film a handful of times because it makes me cry so much. The killer scene for me is when Ryan’s heart surgeon character (Maggie) and Nicholas Cage’s angel (Seth) are at the LA produce market, and Seth gets Maggie to describe what she is eating. The way Maggie describes eating a pear and how Seth is hanging on her every word floors me.
  • The Deal – It’s got William H. Macy as producer making a film about British PM Benjamin Disreali but the kicker is that he has action star Bobby Mason (LL Cool J) in the staring role otherwise how else could he get the funding for a Disreali flick.  Merchant Ivory this is not. Ryan plays the studio-exec trying to sort things out and keep Macy in check. It is smarter and funnier than a straight to Netflix should be.
  • DOA – Something of a much forgotten remake of a 50s classic.  A college professor (Dennis Quaid) is murdered (slow acting poison) and then has to solve his own murder before he kicks the bucket. It’s film noir with the wonder couple of the 80s, and they do not suck.

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