Goodbye Caprica

Posted: 10/27/2010 in pop culture, television
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I was going to blog about all the cooking I’ve been doing but I just saw on the Twitterverse that Caprica has been canceled and that makes me sad. I get that the ratings were low (even for basic cable) but it was such a good show. It was more than a show (*weep*) it was proper drama. Strong characters, thought provoking, group marriage, and cylons. CYLONS!

To make matters worse Syfy are pulling it from the schedule and we won’t see the final episodes till sometime in 2011, or fingers crossed earlier on DVD. This move pisses me off because it disrespects the fans, and the whole Caprica production family. Fine, you want your Tuesday night spot at 10pm back but for fraks sake let us see the final few episodes online for free or even via iTunes or Netflix. Give us some closure don’t leave us hanging. We care about the Adamas, Greystones and Sister Clarice. And what about Serge – who is going to look after Serge?

It’s deeply disappointing that there isn’t room on the Syfy roster for a show like this. That it could not be carried. That there wasn’t the option to give it a second season or even a tele-movie to wrap things up. Another nail in the coffin for meritocracy and another win for mediocrity.

So say we all.

  1. Mike B says:

    Write in campaigns have started. A rabid fan has spoken and is trying to get people organized.

  2. Chris says:

    I’m with you. The most disappointing thing is that we have to wait to see the final resolution of the arc. Thats what will stink the most. I was really hoping to see the beginning of the Cylon war… guess I’ll just have to settle for 10 years in with BSG: Blood and Chrome.

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