Roux today, roux tomorrow!

Posted: 10/18/2010 in Navel gazing

I am making my second roux of the day. This is how I roll now. Gone are the planning meetings, hundreds of unanswered emails, back-to-back conference calls and quarterly reports. Now the only fires I put out are actual fires (think tea towels resting on a hot stove top). After spending five years of stretching myself too thin it’s nice to be able to focus on things that actually matter: dead Romans!

The first few weeks out of work I felt dizzy about being free, freaking out that I’d done the right thing and missing my peeps from the office like crazy.  Not seeing my friends everyday is the hardest part about leaving (even harder than the loss of a pay check – go figure). I am giving myself a daily routine (most importantly no turning the TV on till after 5pm) and my seminar timetable got published on Friday so that gives me a hell of a lot of structure now. I’ve got three courses this year which means the potential for three seminars overlapping which is what happens next week – eek! Exciting times ahead.

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