Inflight Entertainment

Posted: 10/12/2010 in films
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I’ve just had a grilled cheese sandwich and I am contemplating a shower or a nap. Jet lag is indeed a bitch.  I had an amazing time in London, and it was the group hug I needed. I’ve come back feeling less disconnected and ready to hunker down with my final year of my course. The flights were non-eventful, and gave me an opportunity to catch-up with (trashy) movies.

Sex and the City 2

I can’t quite put my finger on what was more annoying: glossing over of the financial crisis, the wedding that made no sense other that they decided to pair up two gay characters, Carrie being a bitch to Big (the dude brings home take-out and just wants to be able to watch TV in bed), Charlotte complaining about being a SAHM with a full-time nanny or the heavy product placement for vacationing in Abu Dhabi. Materialism is so tiring. That said there were some highlights: Samantha in general (just wish she’d dump the other three), and Liza performing ‘Single Ladies’ at the wedding.

Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang

The second installment of Nanny McPhee brings us a bucolic tale of a farm during WW2. The kids are unruly because dad is away fighting, and their posh cousins are being excavated out of the city to stay with them.   I didn’t think the kids were that bad it was more that their mother was overwhelmed with having to juggle a seriously muddy farm, working in the local shop, being on the brink of financial ruin if the piggies don’t get to market and the kids fighting. Nanny McPhee turns up to teach everyone a lesson, and all is right in the world.

Knight and Day

This Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise spy caper was better than expected, and by that I mean I only fell asleep twice. It’s your typical boy-meets-girl story expect the boy is a super-spy being framed and prone to drugging the girl.

The Bounty Hunter

I love me a good Jennifer Aniston comedy but Gerard Butler (300 not withstanding) is somewhat dull on screen. Aniston plays Butler’s ex-wife (and lost true love of course) who is an investigative reporter in the midst of uncovering something BIG. So important is this BIG news story that she fails to turn up to court and it triggers a warrant out for her arrest. Three guesses who is the bounty hunter who gets to bring her in, rekindle a past relationship and uncover the BIG news story.


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